There is not much to know here. HIIT training works. It is fun, efficient and fast!! High Intensity Interval Training has been a part of my training since 2011 and has had infinite benefits.

Late in 2013, Mum wrote all about HIIT training and why it is incredible. You can see that awesome post here.

In a nutshell HIIT training is about pushing yourself to the max for an interval period, followed by a rest period. It can be applied to many different exercises and I promised to follow up with my favourite HIIT workout so without further ado…

This workout can be completed just as effectively in a gym or outside, simply find some stairs and a skipping rope. If you are inside a gym, grab a step and 5 blocks under each end.

Including rest, the entire program takes less than 10 minutes, however do not be fooled, it is brutal.

Let’s get started….

  • 3 exercises
  • Tabata method – in this case intervals of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off
  • 10 x sets of each exercise before moving on to the next


Do your best to stay over the step and not too far back from it. Use running man arms for momentum and added agility in this exercise. Use a step outside if you are not inside a gym however be sure to base yourself on a flat surface.

Squat box jumps or skipping

Starting on the box and jumping down on either side, before jumping back up again. You will almost squat when jumping back up. If you are outside, grab a skipping rope and complete the same intervals.

Jump lunges

I saved the best to last!! Again use your arms in a running man style for agility and balance, keeping your core firm and attempt to lunge deeply here. Speed and depth are important.

This will hurt, it is meant to. Really dig deep, push yourself with each interval and you will be amazed what your body is capable of.

Once you progress, you could look to increase the interval period for an additional challenge whilst keeping the rest period the same. I like to add this workout in to my regular strength training and running sprints as a way to really challenge myself.

REMEMBER this…..