Why I’m writing a book and what it’s about

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Or to be completely accurate, why I am writing an eBook and what it’s about…

For some years now wherever I take a packed lunch (read: everywhere), people gaze on in wonderment at its’ contents and proceed to enquire as to what my meal consists of. Their real surprise however comes following my response, whereby most people are surprised that healthy & nutritious food could look, and taste, so good.

That my selection of clean and simple ingredients could be combined in such a way to look so appetising and also result in taste bud delight is still of a lovely surprise to most people that I encounter. It should be said that I really enjoy this assumption and their positive reactions….

Since 2007, I have spent a small fortune seeking professional dietary assistance for various athletic requirements as well as desired body composition change. Much of this nutritional interest was borne from stopping smoking, my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) diagnosis around the same time and a subsequent determination to heal myself as best I could.  Having always been hungry for knowledge and self-betterment, I visited a string of various professions over the next 5 years and parted with much, much money. Some advice was better than others and some of these professionals related better to my issues and desires than others.

Coming more so from the fitness side of nutrition, initially anyhow, I was exposed to a whole lot of quick-fix and extreme attitudes. This mindset has never sat well for me, most likely as I love food so much though also because I see it crucial to maintain the incredible energy and vitality that I possess each day. Extreme and quick-fixes do not support that ideal and additionally I feel pretty certain that eating poached chicken and steamed broccoli for each meal is not life, i.e. not sustainable and enjoyable for your whole life.

Instead how about food that satisfies all of you. This is where energy, health, vitality AND a healthy body comes from.

Overall this path led me to further my own knowledge on all things health, fitness & wellness and expand my skills via one method; experience.

The result of that is my first eBook; a recipe book and a culmination of these countless lessons, experiences and challenges. I have done all of it, I have been on the merry-go-round and I have come out, still learning and growing, though now also possessing a talent for taking simple whole foods to another level. Many a night spent consuming the bland and boring; supposedly balanced and healthy meals; pushed me to create more. I know how to make food that both tastes and is good for me whilst not spending hours in the kitchen and hundreds of $$ on food.

Inside this eBook are 21 mouth-watering, nutritious and clean salad recipes. All have been tested countless times, lovingly styled and photographed for maximum appeal to your senses. No trickery or photoshop, simply gorgeous whole foods combined thoughtfully on a plate, bowl or otherwise and ready for you to bring into your home. 


Some of the salads are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or grain-free whilst ALL are preservative-free, and refined sugar-free. 

These are meals that I actually enjoy, daily. They have been delightfully consumed in my house whilst also attaining a higher level of health and wellbeing. Allowing me to train hard each week, sleep well each evening and wake up shining with energy and enthusiasm to kick my goals each day!

Whether you consider yourself to be paleo, vegan, carnivore or anything else; you will find your way in this eBook and what you love to eat. Masterchef contestant you need not be and that is another reason for kicking off this eBook series with a focus on salads; minimal preparation and cooking time for maximum effect!

You can expect awesome flavour combinations and no wasted calories on dressings and unneeded bits. As well as the 21 recipes, there is an essentials section where you can learn quickly how to best make (and identify!) certain grains, legumes & vegetables. This bible in turn allows for other meals to be put together at the drop of a hat and subsequent easier organisation in your house.

My first eBook will initially be available for sale through iTunes next month can be found here and you can expect much more from the series.

I am so excited to share with you what has been such simple and cost-effective nourishment for my body. Clean and delicious recipes to provide energy, health and happiness.

It is quite simple really.

Eat well.

Look good.

Feel great.

Stay tuned….

This recipe (and more!) are just around the corner...

This recipe (and more!) are just around the corner…

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