Another volume of Inspiration Insider has arrived.

Another opportunity for me to showcase the immense talent, passion and awesomeness of others in the wellbeing space – I love doing this!

I love it because no matter what level your wellness journey is at, inspiration never hurts for any of us. Inspiration can come in many forms and today that form is – Amanda Bisk.

The super bendy, super athletic and super awesome, Amanda Bisk.

With a cult following of over a quarter million fans and growing each day, it may feel as if you could have little in common with this lady though she is as lovely as they come. Down-to-earth, funny and devoted to health; her own and ours too; what’s not to love?

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda at an industry event a few months back and as we have mutual friends we have kept in touch. Moving to Sydney earlier this year with her boyfriend Adam (the talented guy behind most of Amanda’s incredible photos), she has settled in to her east coast life with ease and grace and it has been a pleasure getting to know her better and continuing to be inspired by all that she does.

As an Exercise Physiologist and Former Australian Pole Vaulter, Amanda feels incredibly passionate about motivating and inspiring others to live the best life that they can; her awesome instagram competition #benditlikebisky is proof of that. With her competitive sporting and Olympic hopeful past, she knows a thing or two about what it takes to chase your dreams, and on the flip side how it feels to crash down as well. This bubbly, authentic and kind individual is perfect for our latest edition of Inspiration Insider so let’s dive right in….

amanda square

What does a day in your life look like?

Right now I am really lucky with my schedule.

I wake up around 6/630am and practice yoga at home, usually for 30 minutes depending what else I have on for the day. I then make brekkie (my favourite meal!) and either go for a coastal walk or do a class of some sort as I love trying new exercise! I try to exercise with a friend or my boyfriend when I can as well. This time in the mornings I also use to work on my fitness projects or have meetings and the like.

Then I am off to CrossFit Sydney where I train and work. I complete my own training for an hour before coaching from noon until 6pm.

After work I make my way home and either make dinner with my boyfriend or eat out with friends before getting into bed around 930pm.

What’s the biggest exercise misconception you are always clearing up for people?

Spot reducing – “If I work my abs really hard I can lose fat/weight from this area?”

Although it is great to do isolated exercise for specific areas of your body to build strength and muscle, you can’t lose weight from just one area of your body and instead you will lose equally from all areas of your body. Regular exercise where you’re really getting your heart rate up and a healthy diet is the way to go!

A topic that I touched on in my 6-pack post and is very important to understand. Each of our bodies will be leaner and carry fat in different places.

What’s your favourite way to move your body?

Bodyweight exercises – push ups, squats, sit-ups and sprinting.

Do you live by any dietary philosophies?

I believe variety is so important in our diet. I don’t restrict anything and I think that exposing our bodies to a vast array of foods is the best way to get all the nutrients we need.

I try to incorporate an array of colour from fruits and vegetables in every meal.

Top 5 songs on your iPod right now?

Hideaway – Kiesza

Given the Chance – The Kite String Tangle

Summit – Skrillex

So Good To Me (Extended Mix) – Chris Malinchak

Breath (Vocal Mix) – Cillo

 Favourite quote to live by? 

Learn, Lead, Love your Journey.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a healthier lifestyle?

The first thing would be to really love yourself enough to make a change. Appreciate all the amazing things that your body and mind can do and make that the reason to look after yourself.

I always try to remember that the billions of cells in my body do everything to keep me alive and healthy and they only care about me.

So I want to look after them in return.

Do you have a favourite workout that you would like to share with us? 

I love circuits – mixing up a combo of exercises that work the whole body.

Here is my favourite combination of which I do three rounds:

x2 hill sprints

amanda 1

x20 sit-ups


x10 lunges

amanda 3

x10 bounds (long jumps from one foot to another)


x10 plank leg lifts

amanda 6

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Thanks for sharing with us lovely 

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