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Here we are again – another edition of Inspiration Insider where I am always super excited to share with you the story of someone who is pushing the envelope, kicking goals, inspiring me and no doubt will inspire you too!

It was only a few months ago that I read an awesome piece on Broadsheet all about the lovely Miss Kate Dalton. As I read a little about Kate’s journey I felt both excited and proud. There are so many killer individuals out there rocking their vibe and it makes my heart sing to see it and when their purpose is to bring about positivity and the rest of the world takes notice too, well that’s just freaking awesome!

What really captured my attention was Kate’s vision and her “give it a go” attitude. A gorgeous and intelligent young woman who whilst studying Naturopathy launched her own business; hand-making 100 per cent organic, medicinal-grade tea. Oozing from her website, every photograph and each word written about her was love and beauty. This girl was right behind the products that she made and of course I wanted to know more.

So much so that I reached out and got to know all about Kate; her business, her dreams (she’s moved to Byron to begin growing and harvesting her own herbs!), how she eats and her thoughts to live by for a healthy and happy life.

 Let’s dive right in with the gorgeous, natural and inspiring Kate Dalton….

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Was studying Naturopathy a given for you or were there other plans in mind?

I have always loved nutrition, so my plan for years was to be a nutritionist. I then suddenly fell in love with the use of herbal medicines to heal illness and improve all over vitality, so I combined this and discovered naturopathy was going to be absolutely perfect.

You started Mayde Tea whilst still studying; what kick started your decision to go from textbooks to business?

I have more so combined the two and both compliment each other so well. I’m really excited to graduate as a qualified naturopath next year and I think my tea business will be a beautiful add-on as I can prescribe my teas as adjunct remedies.

Herbal Tea | Nadia Felsch

How many cups of tea do you drink in a day?

Lots! Probably 4 on average.

Depends on how I’m feeling, if my digestion needs a bit of nurturing I’ll drink lots of my digest tea, and if I’m having a busy day I’ll bring my serenity blend with me and sip on it throughout the day as it is so calming and nourishing.

* I would have to agree with Kate after receiving 4 of her teas as a birthday gift from my amazing Mum. The Serenity blend is incredible and I have enjoyed several cups a day this week as you can see below! If you’re lucky enough to live near any of these places, you can sip on Kate’s tea right away.

If you could only share one point about health and wellbeing with people, what would it be?

Basically that nature gets it right every time, so stick close to it, whether it be the food you’re eating or how you spend your day.

Do you choose to live by a particular food philosophy?

Mostly that if it’s something our ancestors would have picked from the ground or chased with a spear 40 thousand years ago, then it’s most probably food so then I’ll eat it. Our genetic expression is identical to our ancestors those years ago, so packaged and processed foods are bound to be unrecognized and treated as toxins to our body.

What does your day on a plate look like?

Very green!

I eat dark leafy greens daily, whether it be in a smoothie or a big kale salad. I’m lucky enough to live in Byron Bay, and pick up my organic produce from the local farmers. It’s so nice knowing it hasn’t been imported or treated with any nasties. I eat grass fed red meat when my body needs it, and have lots of fish for my omega 3’s. I cook with coconut oil or cultured butter, and treat myself to some nut spread, goats yoghurt, raw chocolate or berries when my body asks for it!


Share with us your favourite way to move your body?

Yoga is my favourite way to build strength (mentally and physically). A moving meditation like vinyasa yoga or a beautiful long beach walk is how I spend at least one hour out of each day.

Favourite quote to live by?

“and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” – Anais Nin

What is the one dish that you always love to make for yourself and others?

If I ever go to a friends’ for dinner and they say not to bring anything, I usually take some sort of healthy dessert. I made these delicious little cacao fudge bites last week by blending mixed nuts, cacao, coconut oil, coconut, coconut butter and tahini. Then I set it in the fridge, cut into cubes and covered with raw chocolate (cacao powder, honey, coconut oil). That got me and most of the other health conscous people there out of eating ice cream and cake!

Connect with Kate

Online Store | Instagram

Thanks for bringing so much inspiration to us Kate!

Images of Kate by Katrina Parker and all others by me.


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