What I Learnt From Elite Athletes

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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be in the 2nd row for Cirque du Soleil’s newest show in Australia – Totem and an awesome Christmas gift from my mama.

Having been to a show in the past, I knew what kind of awesomeness to expect though it was a real treat witnessing Tippy’s reactions to his first Cirque du Soleil experience. Aside from the incredible entertainment quality and seriously astounding performances, something struck me.

How truly incredible the human body is.

Watching these elite athletes with a seriously fantastic combination of power, strength, fitness and grace; the one thing it wasn’t about was their looks. 
What was on display however, was what the human body is capable of and from our awesome seats, we could see it all.
The control that these elite athletes showed during such challenging performances is nothing short of mind blowing; every muscle fibre twitching and oscillating to hold them upside down, on one hand….
I like to think of Cirque du Soleil as sport because it’s so much more than a circus.

Being “skinny” wouldn’t have served them and if any of these seriously talented people looked as society wanted them to look, their performances wouldn’t have been possible. Although lean, the star female performers are celebrated for their strength and athleticism however I dare say outside of that Big Top, their bodies would have been unfairly scrutinised for being muscular and broad. The men too no doubt for being on the leaner and less built side that so many strive for.

Watching the show I didn’t want to look like them or change how I look, I simply wanted to continuing exploring my own physical limits. Not because I want to run away and join the circus (as cool as that idea is) though because I feel so lucky to have arms, legs, a strong mind and body. One which I like to take care of the very best that I can and one that has the potential to do so many wonderful things with.

How about you?

Nadia Felsch Yoga

Viewing such incredible feats from these athletes had me entertained, gobsmacked and asking a lot of “how do they do that?” as well as feeling both grateful and inspired.

How grateful I felt to know that although not an elite athlete, I too can move and challenge my body.

How inspired I felt that 20 minutes in, I wanted to get outside and move my own body, feeling its’ every inch and wriggle, allowing it to be free and flow.

I have enormous respect and admiration for elite athletes who get up day after day, pushing their bodies and minds to such incredible new heights, no matter what. You may think it’s easier for them (they’re elite after all) though I can assure you that’s not the case. Have you ever set out to challenge yourself physically, let’s say to run 5km in a certain time? You train, you do the work, you reach your goal. After which you set a new one and does running that 5km in a faster time feel easier to you? I don’t think so.

This is how it works, it’s the whole point in fact. You may reach a higher level than you were at, though there’s always more levels and each brings it’s own challenge (and reward). I like to think this is yet another reason why movement is so damn awesome! There’s always more.

Witnessing a spectacle as great as Cirque du Soleil reminded me how much possibility is in my body and mind. How much I’m capable of and that made me ridiculously excited; I literally bounded out of the show I was that excited.

Nadia Felsch Yoga Nadia Felsch Yoga

It was such a lovely break from the ear and eye-bashing we receive on a daily basis about our looks and how crucial they are. I would love for you to be able to experience this freedom and encourage you to turn away from the bashing as much as possible.

To focus on can and have over have not.

Crave health, wellness and vitality. Desire fitness and athleticism. Do more and be more. Jump, skip, run, lift, pull, climb, dance, bend and flow.

Challenge yourself and never settle.

The reward is in itself though in case you were wondering… the other stuff (excess body fat, jiggly arms and low-energy) sorts itself out too.

Are you game?

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