Inspiration Insider | Cassie Mendoza-Jones

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Inspiration Insider | Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Oh how I love Inspiration Insider!

Bringing you direct insight into the lives and hearts of seriously rocking people in the health and wellness industry because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to know how interesting and inspiring people live?

Along this blogging journey of mine, I’ve been fortunate to connect with many of these awesome people, some of whom I now call friends and colleagues.

This series however, is about more than just what inspiring people like to eat, it’s about sharing with you their dreams and hopes for themselves, what they love and the incredible work that they do in the world.

We each have inspiration to offer one another.

Inspiration Insider | Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Today’s Inspiration is the gorgeous and effervescent Cassie Mendoza-Jones who has become a very welcome addition to my inbox over the past few months.

Wow can this girl write! Her words have become something that I truly look forward to receiving each week; the perspective, lessons and teachings that she herself experiences and passes on.

Her work has been featured in publications such as Body + Soul, Women’s Fitness, and Gourmet Traveller, and on popular websites such as,, Sporteluxe, and

My only complaint is that she’s not currently seeing naturopathic clients as she prepares to concentrate on writing her very own book.

Introducing Cassie…

Kinesiologist, naturopath, speaker, writer + author-to-be. Please share with us a little more insight into how you came to be doing what you are?

I was working as a makeup artist in the fashion and beauty industry and I had this very strong desire to help women on a deeper level – I didn’t want to just pick their lipstick colour for them; I wanted to help them heal on the every level.

After realising this, I was able to go down to doing makeup on the weekends and I moved into studying nutrition, then naturopathy, kinesiology and post grad nutrition studies.
I’ve always loved writing; I did 4 unit English for the HSC and wrote a novella on how my horse died when I was 15, so adding writing into the mix just happened naturally.

I founded my business, Elevate Vitality, and the Heartfelt Harmony Society as the flagship online resource for helping women find freedom + harmony in their bodies, their lives and their business.
I see clients 1:1, using a combination of naturopathy, kinesiology and nutritional and herbal medicines. Lately I’ve also been mentoring fellow entrepreneurs who are starting out in the wellness world.

Plus I’m writing my first book (with Hay House) at the moment. I’ve had this desire to be an author since I was a little girl so I’m VERY excited about what’s coming up.

What does ‘health’ mean to you?

‘Health’ means living in freedom + harmony with all parts of your being; your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, and being able to live with passion, purpose, courage and confidence.

Is there a food philosophy or way of eating that feels right for you?

Yes, I’ve spent a long time finding what works for me, and creating my own food philosophy.
I don’t define my diet or categorise it. Some days are kind of Paleo, some days are more vegetarian-based meals, but I know I do well with a small amount of gluten free grains, such as a little sourdough bread, and lean grass fed animal protein, plus of course, lots of veggies, some fruit, good fats and all that goes with a clean, healthy diet.
I am not harsh on myself, and totally let myself indulge in faves like red wine, dark chocolate, carob bears and coffee!

“I eat the foods that make me feel good, and listen to my body everyday.”

Inspiration Insider | Cassie Mendoza-Jones Inspiration Insider | Cassie Mendoza-Jones

What does your ideal day look like?

I’m a quite lucky in that I get to create my ideal day almost everyday!

I always start my mornings with exercise; mostly yoga, a walk or outdoor group training for women on Bondi beach.

I’ll set an intention for my day, perhaps meditate at this stage, and map out what I’d like to accomplish for the day.

Some mornings I’ll work from a café for an hour or so, or I’ll work from my home office writing, and creating new content or blog posts.

If I’m seeing clients, I usually see my first client after lunch, and if It’s a writing day I’ll sometimes meet a girlfriend or my mum or sister out for lunch.

On writing days I love to go to a 4pm yoga class when I can, but I usually try finish up work around 5ish if I don’t get to a class.

I like to end my day with something that feels indulgent and playful – be it a late afternoon meditation, reading on my bed or catching up an episode of my current favourite TV show.

I like to mix it up, but having playful breaks is really important and helps me feel rested and able to be more creative when I come back to work.

Favourite travel destination (or what’s next on the Bucket List?)

I’m about to go to the USA and Mexico with my hubby for a month over May/June and I’m so excited! We’ve been planning this trip for so long. We’ll be doing the East coast, then driving down the West coast, then hanging out on a white sandy beach in Tulum, Mexico.

Apart from this trip, I’m planning to visit Greece and Turkey next year for my 30th, as well as go back to Italy.

Oh and New Zealand is on my Bucket List too – I want to walk the Abel Tasman and hang out in Queenstown for a bit.

A quote that sums up your life philosophy?

“Everything is perfect in the universe, even your deserve to improve it.”

– Wayne Dyer

Inspiration Insider | Cassie Mendoza-Jones

The Heartfelt Harmony Society courses + guides are your latest work. Tell us how these came about for you and who you see them speaking to?

It all started with a croissant.

I was sitting in my favourite café in Bondi one rainy Saturday morning, when – for the first time in my adult life – I bought myself a croissant.
In years past, I would never have let myself buy something so indulgent, so ‘unhealthy’, so decadent and so ‘naughty’.
But here I was, eyeing off the golden pastry, smelling the fresh-baked goodness, and allowing myself to actually buy it.
I took it home, unwrapped it, and ate it slowly, with care, and love, and joy.
And as I did, one word came to mind… harmony.
I ate the croissant and it was the best damn croissant I’ve ever eaten.
And I didn’t feel guilty.
And I didn’t feel ashamed.
And I didn’t feel scared.
And the second that croissant was finished, two words came to mind: body harmony.
Which turned into a whole philosophy… the Heartfelt Harmony Society.
And that philosophy is now a collection of online courses + guides (launching in April 2015) now launched which I’ve been working on for about 12 months.

The courses + guides have been created to help women live in freedom and harmony with their minds, bodies, spirits and businesses.


“That’s because living in Heartfelt Harmony is about cultivating harmony not just in your body, but also in your mind and spirit, and in your thoughts, emotions, actions, behaviours, and in how you show up in your business and life.”


It brings together elements from everything I love and do on a daily basis that’s helped me and my clients live in freedom and harmony: kinesiology, naturopathy, nutritional and herbal medicines, lifestyle changes, flower and energetic essences, meditation and more.

I am so excited to open the doors to the Society in a few short weeks, and support women to live in freedom + harmony, every single day.

Inspiration Insider | Cassie Mendoza-Jones

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