5 Steps to Transition to a Wholefoods Life

It’s no secret: wholefoods have changed my life.

They’ve helped me to find an energy, youthfulness and nourishment that I didn't know possible.

Best of all, I've found a path that allowed me to say goodbye to diets, fads and guilt when it comes to the food I eat.

I had no idea it could be so simple, delicious + nutritious.

But yes, it absolutely can!

And I want you to experience this incredible transformation for yourself.

This post contains 5 simple steps to help you transition to a wholefoods life.

No matter where you're currently at on your own journey, it's my hope that this post offers you inspiration, encouragement and maybe even a new idea (or two!)

Path to Wholefoods | Nadia Felsch

5 Steps to Transition to a Wholefoods Life

1. Start small

Like every new path you find yourself on in life, taking on too much at once rarely ends with your desired result.

We're a go-go society where everything is fast and available to us so this might be hard for you though there's something incredible about patience and taking things slow.

Trust me.

Throwing out everything in your cupboards and fridge, only to buy every wholefood in sight and send yourself broke in the meantime is not the idea here.

Perhaps for now it's doing what I like to call a 'wholefoods swap.'

Select just 1 or 2 refined food products that are currently in your life and swap them for something whole.

Say for instance a chocolate snack bar for an avocado (of which you might smear on your toast, make either mousse or guacamole from).

2. Be kind

Humans aren't always good with change and often our knee-jerk reaction when experiencing it, is to resist.

Resist and then judge ourselves.

"Why can't I do this?"

"This should be easier for me."

"You'll never do it."

Those kinds of (not) very helpful judgements which are really just fear showing up.

Fear because we're scared of failing and that's because we care. When we want something, the ante is raised and the change often feels really tough to move through.

So when you're dealing with some well established eating habits and patterns, often engrained over decades from childhood, I'd recommend taking it easy on yourself.

It won't all work in one day.

That's why it's a journey and your transition is just as important as the destination because it's where you'll learn all the lessons to keep you sorted, for life!

Avocado on Toast | Nadia Felsch

3. Bulk it up

Not in the bodybuilding sense either though more so the idea of clever cooking.

My favourite mantra here is 'cook once/eat twice.'

You're in the kitchen making dinner so chop a few extra veggies, make some more rice, sauce and voila! There's lunch or dinner for tomorrow as well.

This can become such second nature to you that you'll be doing it without thinking and cooking for one meal will seem pointless!

4. Prep makes perfect

This step is as much about the practical planning and physical preparation as it is about getting real with yourself.

Think of having wholefoods prepared and on-hand as your armour against poor food choices.

Accept that your life is busy and most nights you couldn't think of anything worse than making a wholesome dinner.

That's OK.

So plan and prepare for it.

Dinner, breakfast, snack time, whatever. The same concept applies and it works.


5. Reflect and refine

Each time you feel that you make a little progress, look back on it and reflect.

Maybe you want to make some adjustments or try new ingredients next week. Perhaps more of an overhaul is now needed in your fridge or you need to spend a little longer getting your head around trying these new recipes.

Continuing to refine what works for you will ensure sustained success, for life.

Because when it comes down it, we all want eating freedom and, we can have it.

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