Veggie Detox Juice

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Veggie Detox Juice | Nadia Felsch

Including the term detox in this post title kind of makes me cringe.

Detox has become one of those awfully over-used and mis-applied words in our society. Slapped onto, it seems, almost any product appealing to the health-aware among us.

In this instance, it indeed has a purpose.

We can consider the liver as our body’s front line when it comes to protecting and removing toxins that we experience in our everyday life.

It’s a filter of sorts. A filter that works damn hard! And like all organs, sometimes they can really benefit from some special attention.

Veggie Detox Juice | Nadia Felsch

One of the best known detox foods is the humble and beautiful beetroot.

Let’s be clear that we’re talking the raw variety here and not the canned type.

It also offers to us, regeneration of our immune system cells, purification of the blood, improvement in circulation and an overall alkalising effect (less acidity) on the entire body.

Not bad right?

In fact, vegetables (and fruit) offer us an incredible array of such properties. Hence the whole – eat more fresh food concept. It’s totally true can you believe it?

And so here is my favourite vegetable juice to bring all of that goodness direct to you.

Max veggies / minimal fruit / awesome taste. Get juicing and start feeling awesome.

Veggie Detox Juice | Nadia Felsch
Veggie Detox Juice | Nadia Felsch

Veggie Detox Juice | Nadia Felsch

Veggie Detox Juice
Prep time
Total time
Cuisine: Healthy Eating
yield: 2
  • 4 small beetroots
  • 1 lime
  • 2 apples
  • 4 cucumbers
  • 1-2 thumbs fresh ginger
  1. Wash all vegetables well
  2. Peel beetroot and chop into smaller pieces
  3. Remove skin from lime
  4. Halve apples and cucumbers
  5. Peel ginger
  6. Pass all ingredients through a juicer on relevant settings
  7. Serve immediately over ice
Fresh juice is best served exactly that - fresh.
Maximum storage in the fridge, for optimal benefits, is a few hours.

Whilst you’re at it, enjoying this delicious juice and giving your liver a much needed treat, why not share the love with a friend and direct them to this recipe?

Veggie Detox Juice | Nadia Felsch

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