The 10 Things You Need In Your Fridge Right Now

This is the list, whether you're just adjusting to eating better or feeling in need of some healthy, easy inspiration. A well stocked fridge is the foundation of making healthy eating a simple and enjoyable part of your lifestyle.

It's the way to avoid making less-than-ideal decisions. The way to feel that "you've got this" and enjoy a seriously delicious result too!

The 10 Things You Need In Your Fridge Right Now

1. Eggs

Nature’s way of providing all nine essential amino acids in one perfect egg! Buy organic, high quality eggs and if you’re especially time-poor, hard boil the dozen, peel and keep on hand in the fridge for healthy snacking and meal creation!

2. Leafy greens

There’s little that leafy greens don’t give us! Supporting natural detoxification in the body [more on that here], alkalinity to balance all that acid we consume and create and providing us with gut loving fibre too. Enjoy a wide variety of leafy greens such as spinach, rocket, watercress and kale.


3. Olives

 This satisfying and nutritious fruit provides us with quality, “good fats” and that moreish salty taste which may help us steer clear of other less than ideal choices. If you're someone that finds themselves hitting the cheeseboard a little to hard, or snacking whilst preparing dinner, try a few olives like these instead!

4. Cut strip vegetables

Think carrot, cucumber and capsicum sticks which can be enjoyed alone, added to lunchboxes (for the adults too!) and dipped in quality hummus or pesto - try these recipes - for a quick and easy snack that helps us up that daily veggie intake whilst also providing a satisfying snack.

5. Avocado

King of the fruits and easily added to a variety of meals to boost nutrition and satisfaction. Add 1/4 of an avocado to your smoothie to boost your  greens and fibre intake whilst also providing delicious creaminess. Avocado can also be be enjoyed solo with a little salt, pepper and spritz of fresh lemon juice. You could also try avocado in this guacamole recipe, or perhaps this chocolate mousse recipe.

Sweet Potato 'Fries' | Nadia FelschCoriander Pesto | Nadia Felsch


6. Fresh herbs

One of the easiest and healthiest ways to boost the flavour of your cooking like this delicious pesto recipe. They can be especially helpful for anyone looking to cut back on their salt intake too whilst still adding delicious flavour. Have a variety on hand in the fridge such as parsley, dill, coriander and mint. Quick tip: for herbs in salads, rather than bruising the leaves by cutting them, pick and roughly tear them to release their flavour – it’s faster too!

7. Greek yoghurt

Creamy, luxurious and the perfect inclusion in a healthy fridge. Use in cooking, smoothies, dressings, on muesli or for that easy snack with some fresh fruit and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Look for one without any additives.

8. Fresh fruit

 Have a rainbow of seasonal options on hand and enjoy the antioxidant and vitamin-rich fruits that make for simple, healthy snacking and even that special touch to another meal.

Fresh Rolls with Peanut & Ginger Dipping Sauce | Nadia Felsch

9. Nut butter

 Enjoy it spread on toast, added to recipes, smoothies or smeared on toast. Natural nut butters [where there’s nothing added but nuts], provide us a fast, easy snack and are generally a crowd-pleaser too.

10. Water

 Make it fancy and help up your life-giving daily water intake. Take one large jug, add citrus wedges, fresh mint even and have on hand for easy [pretty] hydration.


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