Ketosis Part 1 – Everything you Need to Know

Close to 7 million results.

That's what happens when you type 'ketosis' into Google.

This controversial and divisive topic is also the centrepiece of an experiment I undertook in 2016.

An experiment where I spent 12 weeks in nutritional ketosis.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that I ate the equivalent of just one banana's worth of carbohydrates in a day.
It also means that I ate 80% of my overall food intake each day in the form of dietary fat.
For 84 days.

This dietary manipulation has grown increasingly popular in the past 2 years, with #ketodiet trending across all social platforms and even social groups.

So to discuss this fascinating science and my own personal experience with it, what better way than video?

The what, why and how about one of the most misunderstood diets.

In Part 1 of this video series on KETOSIS I'll be sharing:

  • what our bodies do without carbohydrates
  • what nutritional ketosis is (hint - it's not eating more protein and less carbs)
  • why our bodies do this
  • what some of the trade-offs are
  • how long we can survive on carbs vs fat
  • a preview of my own 12-week experience on a keto diet in Part 2 of this series



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