The #1 lesson I’ve learnt since becoming a Nutritionist

I've been blogging about health since 2013.

It started with my Personal Trainer mum and quickly became my journey, my story. I blogged through calorie deficits, 'clean eating' trends and 'no sugar' movements. My own experience.

But things have changed, as they should. You don't know what you don't know right?

And now as a qualified Nutritionist, I recognise and whole-heartedly believe that the best health professionals are those that say they don't know it all. That are open and flexible. That strive to continue growing and evolving. Those who acknowledge their human imperfection and that they won't always get it right.

Here's the caveat to that though. And the #1 lesson that I've learnt since becoming a Nutritionist.


Because in order to not know it all and also not inflict harm you have to operate with moderation.

You have to advise moderation. Certainly in the public sphere.

You have to comment with moderation and about all matters - even moderation itself!

What the Hell Do I Eat Podcast

Why moderation?

Because the more you know, the less you say. And that's because you understand the bigger picture. You understand the vast room that there is for misunderstanding, misconception and harm.

An example.

As an unqualified blogger sharing her story in 2013, I talked about 'clean eating.' Because it was a term that was understood to be linked with health and pro-health choices. I had only positive intentions to help with easy recipe ideas that I'd picked up along the way.

I also had no understanding of the ramifications of using that term. Of labelling food and a way of eating that can not only trigger many individuals though also encourages food fear, misunderstanding and plays right into the total bullshit that can be food marketing.

I didn't see the bigger picture. I didn't know any better. I couldn't understand the power of moderation. 


I'd share the exact same recipes. I'd be able to share more nutrient insights sure. But most importantly, I'd be able to deliver the moderate and powerful truth. That being - this is delicious food. This is an easy recipe that provides you nutrition and nourishment. And that you'll need to assess any relevant substitutes or changes as suits you as an individual and that goes for the amount you eat too.

No fancy titles. No spiel. No harm.

So what about the countless individuals without a degree who discuss nutrition? From celebrities, influencers, bloggers and even food companies themselves. No wonder we're all confused about what to eat.


And that's why my fellow Nutritionist Monica Fenwick and I have launched our own podcast.

WHAT THE HELL DO I EAT? Nutrition served without the side of bullshit.

Created to empower, provide insight and confidence, bust myths and have well-rounded conversations.

We'll be releasing a new episode of season one each Monday fortnight starting 3rd June 2019. We want to change the conversation around food and so-called health. Will you join us?

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