[CASE STUDY] Inside becoming an Intuitive Eater

This is a real life case of becoming an Intuitive Eater.
Shared with permission by one of my 1:1 coaching clients.

This is the journey of Becky* (name changed for privacy).

What follows are Becky's words about the process, her fears and outcomes to date. 
I'm incredibly proud of her journey and it should be said that so is she! So much that she offered to share this story with me and with you!

Between Becky's words are my comments and insights which I think you'll find interesting.



When first meeting Becky, she was wanting to work on her relationship to food and also increase her energy levels.

We talked about her relationship to food and her body, her history with it all and general flow of her life. What cropped up early on was the strong presence of food rules in her life, many of which were unconscious and not supporting her.

Becky is also not alone in this fear that she bravely shares.
We've been told our whole lives that we don't know what we need or how to tune in to our body's needs.
The fear is understandable. And it can also be alleviated.



See that energy focus?
Embracing a neutral emotional approach to food allowed Becky to explore food through a new and valuable lens.
She discovered what foods were not only satisfying and delicious though also provided her the energy that she was seeking for her day.

Intuitive Eating isn't any set way of doing things. Becky benefited from the tools and techniques that were individually created for her needs.

The neutral approach to food allowed for unhelpful food guilt to be vanquished.

And not only does Becky start to feel the best she ever has, though she is innately drawn to a variety of foods. Veggies and dessert are both on the table.
Intuitive Eating centres around the premise that we want to feel great and that includes eating foods that make our bodies feel good most of the time.



This part of Becky's story is possibly my favourite part (although it's hard to choose!)
The reason why I'm interested in you having a more positive relationship with food and your body is because this is how lifelong healthy habits are formed and enjoyed.

And Becky's story demonstrates this truth.
Food worry and micromanagement brings us no joy or value.
And on the flip side, a simplified approach to food as Becky mentions, is a self-fulfilling prophecy whereby we want to continue to take care of ourselves.

And research shows this too.
When we feel good about ourselves, we're more likely to engage in health-promoting behaviours that feel good.
Hence the "ripple-effect" Becky talks about here of exercise and self-care practices.
Intuitive Eating is so much more than the food you choose to eat.



It's a privilege to coach women such as Becky.

And if any of this has resonated with you, I've opened up a limited number of coaching places.

You can find my availability here.

Even if you're not sure, book an initial consultation with me.
What have you got to lose?
There's no pressure or contract to sign and what you may find is an entirely new mindset.

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