Sweet Potato Fries with Creamy Avo Dipping Sauce | Nadia Felsch

Sweet Potato Fries with Creamy Avo Dipping Sauce

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Sweet potato fries are that perfect mix of sweet and salty. When done right that is. I find whenever I share a recipe on Instagram such as this one, it goes down a treat so clearly others agree! And this recipe has three things going for it. It includes instructions for easy sweet potato fries […]

White Nectarine, Pecan & Haloumi salad | Nadia Felsch

White Nectarine, Pecan & Haloumi salad

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Summer fruits are currently on their last legs in Australia. And this salad is the ideal way to use one of my faves – juicy and sweet white nectarines. If you’re a regular on this blog or my instagram, you’ll likely be familiar with my love for salads. And how deliciously diverse my definition of […]

Mango Salsa & Haloumi | Nadia Felsch

Mango Salsa & Haloumi

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This recipe is truly Australian Summer on a plate. It pulls from all of my favourite influences and combines many of my favourite foods. And when I posted it to Instagram, you guys went wild (which was awesome by the way!) You’ve got to love a fresh recipe that takes no time at all to […]

Broccoli Rice with Marinated Chicken | Nadia Felsch

Broccoli Rice with Marinated Chicken

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I remember a time when I thought that broccoli was a waste. Who could possibly enjoy it I wondered? Even up to a few years ago, I’d sift through a stir-fry dish ordered at a restaurant making sure to miss any and all broccoli floret offenders. And then I realised what was going on. Being […]

Grilled Corn with Paprika Butter | Nadia Felsch

Grilled Corn with Paprika Butter

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There’s few things as satisfying in life as simple food done really well. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed finding more and more ways to demonstrate exactly this in my own life. And as always with my mantra of simple, delicious, nutritious + fast! These aren’t just words either. When I create wholefoods recipes with this […]

Coriander Pesto | Nadia Felsch

Coriander Pesto

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This is possibly one of my most used recipes. Both at my place and in the kitchens of those who I’ve met at my workshops and who follow my blog. Their astonishment at just how simple it is never fails to make me smile. Their smiles and enjoyment when eating it never, ever get old. On […]

Roast Pumpkin with Fetta & Leaves

Roast Pumpkin with Fetta & Greens

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In food (and life), the simple things are always the best. This morning I started my day with a dip in the ocean and that simple, physical and free act was totally blissful. Enter a comment here about how busy our lives are in this modern world.  But seriously – they are! And when it […]

Eggplant Pizzettas | Nadia Felsch

Eggplant Pizzettas

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Just like pizza, without the dough and ready in a flash. Not a bad idea right? Admittedly when first making these my hopes were not high. So although not wanting to over-sell them, I was literally blown away when tasting them. When baked, eggplant does this amazing thing. It softens in all the right places […]

Italian Summer Salad | Nadia Felsch

Italian Summer Salad

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It would be safe to say that I consume salads every single day. Before you cast me off as crazy, allow me to share that these are certainly not your average salads. No, sir. Years (and years) ago, I remember discovering salads as I now know them for the first time. And for one very […]

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