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“Nadia is a breath of fresh, nourished air. Her enthusiasm for wholefoods is infectious and she’s so realistic in her approach. No fads, no extremes, just gentle, nourishing goodness.”

Kate Toholka
Group Member & reader





“Nadia has helped me find a new way of eating, to focus on wholefoods, and enjoy wellness without the stress of trying to fit my needs to a one-size-fits-all diet plan.

In 2013 I realised that to service my body’s needs I would need commit wholeheartedly to a great many changes, in nutrition, lifestyle choices and to address an unhealthy mindset. Nadia’s life philosophy, approach to wholefoods and supportive coaching helped me transition through a rough and chaotic couple of years with unwavering kindness and wisdom.”

Alex Mullins
Food Coaching client & reader 

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“As someone who hasn’t been cooking very long and who’s only just trying to experiment with dishes that aren’t your average pasta or meat & veggies, Nadia’s recipes have been a godsend.

Not only are they easy to follow, but they are sooooo delicious! I’ve cooked a number of dishes for my housemates such as the nachos, rice paper rolls, falafels and the eggplant pizzas and every single one has been a hit. (I think they’re secretly jealous and think I’m like a ninja, hiding some kickass kitchen skills.) I’ve also taken the watermelon haloumi salad to work for my team and they all loved it so much they took the idea (and Nadia’s website!) home with them.
Whenever I need some inspiration in the kitchen, I go straight to Nadia’s site and she never lets me down. Thank you Nadia!”

Dani Yannoulis
blog reader

Kind Words | Nadia Felsch




“Your nourishing recipes are brilliant and I love a woman that has the science and study to back up what she’s talking about! I love the ease and simplicity of your recipes and in some not so great times in the past 6 months, they’ve made coping so much easier. You are simply amazing!

Your nourish bowls especially have been such a great inspiration to me over the past 8 weeks whilst I’ve been helping my husband recover from major surgery. We eat healthily 95% of the time but presenting a salad in a different way makes it so much more appealing. Thank you so much! xx”

Kaz Corco
eBook reader

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“I never would have prepared this food if it wasn’t for you! You inspire me to focus on eating beautiful, nutritious food from nature so thank you!”

Neralie Louise
eBook reader 


“What an inspiration! You can tell Nadia is in such a beautiful space. To be inspired and motivated by such a lady is exactly what you need in your life!”

Suzzi Hartery
Nourished Hub





“I’ve been cooking all your goodies since Saturday and I feel lighter! My tummy feels less acidic yet I’m full and not looking for snacks.”

Margaret Hogan
eBook reader





“It was all so so yummy and easy! The fam loved it too. Your recipes are just so amazing!”

Susan Blarmer
eBook reader





“Girl you absolutely rock! I love your recipes and the best part is that when I use your recipes, my food looks exactly like yours!”

Selina Ricciardi
blog reader





“Nadia’s drive is so motivating, she has such a beautiful story that is making a difference.”

Madelaine Fisher/Heaven’s Pantry
blog reader



“Thank you for being such an inspiration, for understanding us (though you might not know us but you still reach out and amazingly you KNOW exactly what we’re going through).

Thank you for cheer-leading me and for your words of motivation. You tirelessly send us reminders that we truly need.

Thank you for sharing your own journey and recipes – they’re amazeballs! Those basic recipes are now my daily pantry materials.

You’ve made such a difference to my life and am sure to many other people’s too.”

Ina Sudjana
blog reader

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