We all need a boost sometimes. A story to remind us what’s possible or words to motivate and inspire.

When it comes to health and wellbeing, inspiration is crucial. Whether it’s looking up to someone who’s just rocking it, realising that you’re not alone in your struggles or simply discovering new ways to live your best life – it all helps.

These posts continue to inspire me and I have a feeling they will do the same for you…

That Time I Quit My Job And Got Happy

The title says it all right?
Leaving money and stability behind in a successful career was both the hardest and simplest decision that I’ve ever made; one that took years to even realise though has enabled me to follow my heart more and more each day. You know what pushed me over the edge? A song. An incredible song.
Read on to find out which one and how I left misery behind.

The Truth Behind That 6-Pack

I know a thing or two about self-torture, about riding the body-loathing wave and seeking to attain my ultimate goal of looking perfect. And going after these achievements with a single-minded focus as if I was on a planet-saving mission. In this post I share the reality that isn’t always talked about as well as a way out of the body wars.

Inspiration Insider | Amanda Bisk

What can you say about an ex-Commonwealth Games pole vaulting athlete who has incredibly bendy long legs, loves a sunset, values health and fitness over looks and is so down to Earth? Amanda Bisk is a worldwide inspiration and in this post she discusses her story, how she stays in such unbelievable shape, what she eats and her fave workout complete with playlist – lucky us!

How Being Focused Almost Ruined Me

I strongly believe that from all challenging and uncomfortable feelings, comes growth; if we choose to pay attention that is.
During one of the busiest periods of my life I learnt some pretty key lessons and ate a whole lot of humble pie.
Read about the lessons that allowed me to connect even further with the path that I’m on and with those loved ones around me too.

10 Quick and Easy Healthy Eating Tips

No matter where you’re at on your health and wellbeing journey, if there’s fast and simple tips to make your life easier, why wouldn’t you want to know about them?
In this post you’ll be inspired with simple tips to increase your water intake, have sweet treats on hand for when the mood strikes and how to have a delicious 5-minute brekkie ready to go each morning.

Why I Chose Not To Diet for My Wedding

Whether you’re married or not, at some stage we’ve all felt the pressure to look picture-perfect for a big event. Relax – it’s human.
The out of control, blown out of proportion stress and self-loathing isn’t so helpful though and in the lead up to my wedding I felt certain that I wanted no part of that.
What did I do?
I chose to be in the moment and soak up everything that’s involved in being a bride. Read on to find out how I switched my mindset and try it out for yourself.
*Hot Tip – it rocks!

Be Careful What You Wish For

Between the years 2006 to 2013 my journey was nothing short of transformative. From a reckless, miserable, anxious, unhealthy smoker to what I’ve now come to recognise as finally “living.”
Read about my long journey to finding myself; to thriving and waking up with purpose each day.
I include my fave motivational speeches, books and some unlikely sources of change in my world that might just inspire your journey too.

Why I Need to Take My Own Advice

Sometimes life just doesn’t “work” for you, things feel “off” and you can’t figure it out. More often than not in this crazy busy world, it’s a case of doing too much or as I like to say, ‘all push and no pull!’
After some mammoth-effort work days and burning the proverbial candle, I cried. You may have been here too, striving to get the most out of life, to do it all and to be everything to everyone.
There is another way though so read on to find out what that is and give yourself a break.

The Great Sugar Debate

There are few topics as controversial within the health industry as the sugar debate. Essentially, people get seriously fired up about this one.
In early 2014, I decided to weigh in on the subject after a great deal of interest from readers on my opinion and I happily shared my knowledge, experience and research on the matter.
Where do I sit in the debate? Do I eat sugar? Should you? Read on to find out.

Peace and Kindness for a Healthier Body

All the green-smoothie-drinking and workouts in the world won’t help you on the path to optimal health if there’s anything other than peace within you.
Not in a hippy kind of way though in a really obvious, where there’s conflict, things don’t work out so well.
One of the last places that we’re trained to look for conflict resolution; or its’ opposite, peace; is within ourselves, however the repercussions of ignoring it are more powerful than we give credit to.
This post explores how I found that peace and kindness in the most unlikely of places and the immeasurable benefits of staying on this course.

I’m a Bachelorette Again

Have you ever put your relationship in front of your own needs? Are you guilty of ditching your friends for your boyfriend? We all are.
Find out why being alone (even in a relationship) is the best thing to ever happen to you and how to make the most of it.