You want to stop struggling with food and how you feel in your body. You know diet culture isn't the answer and you feel stuck with how and where to begin unlearning it.

Food Freedom Program is for folks who’ve been on the yo-yo weight and diet cycle and are fed up. It's your fast-track program to go from struggling with food and how you feel in your body to empowered and confident.

This group coaching program is designed to help folks newer to working on their relationship to food just like yourself, gain the step-by-step clarity to use the evidence-based frameworks of intuitive eating and non-diet nutrition in order to trust their bodies to tell them what to eat, how much to eat and what works for them.

Food Freedom Program is for folks who desire high-level support, the perks of community and a client-centred, anti-oppressive approach to transform your relationship to food and body.


  • You want to stop struggling with food and how you feel in your body
  • You don’t trust that you can eat what you want, when you want and still be nourishing yourself
  • You know restriction and dieting doesn’t work and you don’t yet feel free in your body either
  • You may be a beginner or have explored a little already
  • You're seeking high-level support and are willing to invest in your wellbeing
  • You enjoy a small-group setting to learn from and connect with one another
  • You can commit and show up for yourself weekly starting September 18 - December 8


  • 6 x program modules covering intuitive eating, non-diet nutrition, weight-inclusive healthcare and body image topics
  • 12 x weekly group coaching calls to explore the material, share and support one another
  • 2 x individual 1:1 sessions to dig deeper and refine the application of what you're learning
  • 39 x step-by-step exercises and guides to connect to your body and overcome food and body struggles
  • BONUS lived experience led training by Vinny Welsby
  • Group chat to keep the support going
  • Lifetime access to the program content

In this small group setting, you'll be guided through each step of reclaiming your food and body relationship. Providing you freedom from the exhaustive judgement of your food choices and behaviours + more nourishment from the way you care for your body.

"Before starting I was worried I’d be out of control if I truly allowed all foods and worried I’d never stop gaining weight. I was also worried to let go of the goal of weight loss and yet now I have weight stability (without trying!), I feel so much less stress and anxiety around meals and food. I don't feel stuck with what to eat, I feel free to nourish my body and I now understand what that feels like."

"I was worried how intuitive eating and not focusing on weight would support my diabetes diagnosis and I couldn't believe it was OK to eat "white foods!" Now I know the restriction I was always taught was being "healthy" was a bigger problem than any food I could have eaten and now I actually know how different foods make me feel, without the struggle to choose! It's kind of shocking how much has shifted!"


"I can have my favourite foods at home, enjoy them, put them away and forget about them. I don't need to binge on them because they're not a treat, they're just part of my everyday diet. And I'm eating far less of that sort of thing now that it doesn't feel forbidden or greedy. I love knowing that food has been put back in its proper place in my life and I feel free."


"For over a decade I looked at food as something to be analyzed, calculated or binged on. I thought I was naturally one of those people who could never stop eating. Now, I eat when I'm hungry, I don't have guilt trips, I don't binge. Food is no longer the centre of my happiness. It's been transformational."


"Before this program, I truly believed that I needed to lose weight for my health. Throughout the Food Freedom Program, I found myself regularly blown away by the realisation that almost everything I thought I knew was wrong. I now have such freedom around food and my choices that I can’t quite believe I’m the same person. My weight has stabilised and I no longer waste hours of my life planning meals, calories and exercise. I eat what I feel like when I’m hungry and I know that I am honouring what my body needs."


"Now I eat what I feel like, when I feel like it. I am not starving all the time and I'm not craving foods because I no longer deprive myself of them. I'm not thinking about food all day and I am not binge eating. I am also not trying to "earn" my food anymore. I am enjoying food and enjoying life again. I have so much more freedom in my life, in my food, my movement and brain space. This program has brought me a sense of appreciation for myself, the desire and capacity to trust myself, self compassion and my love of life again."


4 x Instalments of


**Presale Enrolment is limited


"It's called the Food Freedom Program but I have life freedom now! This program has been transformative in every way - I was stuck on the same roundabout of dieting and hoping it would make me feel better about my body/life/image but it never did. Now I feel lighter around my food choices. Food doesn't actually make me more/less worthy it's just food. I understand the interconnected relationship between my body cues, needs, environment, sleep, what I wear, the impact this has on food choices and how I show up generally."


"I never used to believe that if left to my own choice and desire that I wouldn't always just want chocolate or McDonalds! Now I naturally and easefully want a variety of foods and instead of seeing food as 'good' and 'bad', I trust myself to decide what I feel like eating. Both the 1:1 calls and the group calls were a safe, open space to share my fears and concerns and learn I wasnt the only one with these struggles."


"I had dieted for 50 years and no program or other professional had helped me work through the disordered eating habits I've had for that long! Now for the first time I can listen to my body and trust it. I can even keep ice cream in the house and forget about it!"


"I don't think about food and the choices I make surrounding food nearly as much which would never have happened without this program. My use of food as a coping mechanism has become much less apparent, and I have an easier time listening to when and how much food my body needs. No more guilt, bingeing or thinking about my weight all the time!"

"My relationship with food was out of control with bingeing and I saw my body as temporary. The program helped me see I wasn’t alone in any of this. Nadia helped me cultivate absolute acceptance of all foods and understand that everything has a place which has been transformative to now feeling peaceful around food. My day to day relationship with food is so much easier now, I've gained back brain space and food is no longer an enemy. And even though I was familiar with body acceptance, I couldn't apply it to me. Until your program solidified for me that my my body doesn't require fixing and I can be at peace with it too."



"I was desperate before starting this program. I’d tried every diet and spent all of my adult life caught up in my own head with weight and image related thoughts. Now I’ve moved beyond all of the food rules I had (and didn’t know I had too!) and can eat in connection with my body and its needs which I never thought possible!"


MODULE 1 - How we got here

This module explores the systemic picture of how we collectively got where we are with food and body worries to enable your deeper understanding and compassion of where you personally are with your food and body relationship. Guiding you to join the dots so that you’re able to see your desire for weight loss and a smaller body for what it is and to move forward into peace with your body.
This module walks you through practically navigating the macro and micro influences; including language; of the oppressive systems we live within so you can feel more free and confident in your journey. You have the opportunity to define how you want your food relationship to be compared to where it’s been and explore the valid fears you hold about what will happen to your weight as a consequence of that.
There’s bonus materials led by Vinny Welsby on overcoming fatphobia and finding what’s accessible to you in this work. This will allow you to get another perspective led by their lived experience of living in a fat body.

MODULE 2 - Come back to your body

This module encompasses neurodiversity-affirming, reality-tested and trauma-informed approaches to body connection and hunger attunement to ensure you walk away with supportive options to honour your body’s needs. All of which work together to minimise unpleasant food behaviours such as binge eating, emotional eating and eating past fullness. Exploring and establishing radical self-care is covered to offer you foundational support that meets the actual demands of your life, today, tomorrow and next year. The module also includes mindfulness and self-compassion practices to support your body connection and intuitive eating journey so you stop feeling stuck in ‘shoulding’ yourself and instead move to a more peaceful place with food.

MODULE 3 - Unlearning harmful food beliefs

This module guides you to review and unpack the beliefs and ideals you’ve been taught around food in order to move away from what’s not serving you. You’ll walk away from this module with a new-found confidence in allowing more foods into your life, without guilt or disconnection. The module also includes guided strategies to navigate food freedom with medical conditions and ethical requirements. There’s a bonus guided audio to navigate food guilt that provides you with the tools to remove shame around eating.

MODULE 4 - Learning supportive food beliefs

This module focuses on redefining what eating and nutrition can offer you including the core non-diet nutrition foundations in order for you to spend more time feeling satisfied and nourished from the food that you eat. This encompasses the radical act of reclaiming pleasure in eating, navigating your experiences with fullness to put you back in charge and providing you the tools you need to overcome binge or emotional eating that don’t feel good to you.

MODULE 5 - Unpacking your body story

This module explores and unpacks how you arrived at the story of your body that you have and where this intersects with oppressive structures designed to keep you small and distracted from living a full life. You’ll be guided step-by-step through how to reclaim your own body for yourself, whilst living inside systems that harm us. The module guides you through the essentials of body image to acknowledge and support yourself as well as how to navigate bad body image days including a bonus guided audio.

MODULE 6 - Redefining health and wellbeing

This module guides you to redefine health and wellbeing on your terms and away from the harmful systems we exist within. Providing you tools and strategies to carve out nourishing yourself in the ways that matter to you including eating, movement, mental health support, medical care and community. There’s bonus materials to support your intuitive movement and weight-inclusive healthcare journey to allow you to have a deeper understanding of what your needs are and how to get them met.


I’m your guide – Nadia Felsch.
A university qualified Nutritionist (BHSc), feminist, fat activist, certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and pawrent to 2 miniature sausage dogs named Toast and Avocado.
I support folks who aren’t happy with their relationship to food and body, find freedom - what works for them and how to do more of it - within oppressive structures such as patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy and anti-fatness. I’m your guide to this process of re-connecting with and trusting your innate body wisdom. The wisdom that knows what you need in order to nourish yourself and thrive.


"I came into this program with a disjointed relationship to food and body. My mental health, toxic diet culture and being overscheduled with a lack of skills/tools to properly care for myself had me feeling fed up! Now, a lot of the built up pressure about food and my body has decreased. It just doesn't feel like that big of a deal anymore or something I should spend a lot of time punishing myself for. I can confidently identify meals and foods that work or not for me with ease and I am redefining what health and wellbeing is from a more positive and empowered place. I would recommend this program if you're ready for the post-diet/post-self-hatred world!"

"I wasn't sure my needs would be met in a group setting and now having taken the program, I couldn't recommend it more! It's so much more than seeing a typical dietitian or purchasing a product, it's a program that allows you to dig into a range of issues that impact your food choices and how you view food,  your body image and perspective on health within an environment where there is professional and peer support to question and explore. The 1:1 calls really provide an opportunity to poke holes and work through some particularly challenging aspects of your journey. Nadia I can't thank you enough - now food is so much more neutral, I have more confidence in making choices to eat a wide range of foods without constant anxiety, no longer spending my days obsessing over my next meal and although still a work in progress, I’m gentler with thoughts about my body and starting to be less judgemental of myself."



"Before this program, I was absolutely obsessed with my weight. Now, my life has completely changed. I respect, care and honour my body. My life has completely opened up and transformed! What a relief to have found food and body freedom!"


"Now I can eat when I am hungry and stop when I am not. I can trust my own body. Doing this program really has been life changing."


"Working through this program has helped me to normalise foods so that I can eat in a way that nourishes me without stress, guilt and eating past fullness. It almost feels like magic! I've never felt this good!”


"I was initially skeptical to do this work and yet working through the steps of unconditional permission to eat has truly changed my life! I thought I'd just want to eat burritos and ice cream non-stop. However the greater degree of body awareness I've gained and having healed the body shame I felt, I can now eat what and when feels good for me."


4 x Instalments of


**Presale Enrolment is limited

Imagine the brain space you'd get back if you were spending less time thinking about what you're meant to or should eat and feeling uncomfortable in your body?


Here's some more information to help you make an empowered decision that's right for you.

Who is the Food Freedom Program for?

Food Freedom is for you if you’ve been on the yo-yo weight and diet cycle and are fed up! You want to stop struggling with food and how you feel in your body and use intuitive eating principles to trust your body to tell you what to eat, how much to eat and what works for you.

Food Freedom is for you if you want to create a healthier and more peaceful relationship to food and body so food doesn’t take up so much mental space, you experience more joy and wellbeing from the food you eat and a better quality of life.

Do I have the time?

The time commitment each week varies between 60 mins - 2 hours for the 12 weeks of the program. This includes the self-study components that you can access on your own schedule and even break up into smaller time chunks such as 15mins here and there as you listen on the commute to work.

And yet for this time commitment, your entire life could change for the better. 

What if I still want to lose weight?

This desire is so understandable in our thin-obsessed society where thin bodies are represented as the goal. The door to health, wellbeing, morality, acceptance, love, belonging. This anti-fat, patriarchal belief is one we're all led to believe and yet it doesn’t make it true. 

You have full body autonomy when it comes to the desire for intentional weight loss. If however, you're done with the trauma of dieting and body loathing, there is another way. You can learn about, and come to accept (in time) that we don't have ultimate control over our weight and the the cost of trying to manipulate and control our weight is very, very high. Restriction is miserable.

You can also learn to trust that your body will find its happy place with no micromanaging required. This is healthier and happier for our bodies and our quality of life. And this is what allows you to experience body respect, appreciation and neutrality that leads to more comfort and confidence.

Zero of this is contingent on body size. Your body does not need to be something holding you back even if the outside world treats your body differently, that is if you live in a marginalised body. 

What if I don't like my body?

It’s so understandable that societally, our weight is tied to our body image or in how we feel about ourselves. Whilst having positive body image, does include liking and appreciating your body, trying to change your body will never truly improve how you feel about your body and yourself.

It will in fact do the opposite where by continually chasing the illusion of the ideal (thin body), means never truly having peace or acceptance for ourselves. We can spend our whole life there or we can choose to opt out of that societal norm and work on body respect and acceptance instead.

Will this work for me?

This unique and high-level program puts you and your experience front and centre.

And whilst I don't guarantee results (🚩), I can guarantee with full confidence that the tools and strategies I am teaching inside Food Freedom will ensure you walk away with the confidence to relate to food and your body in supportive, nourishing and health-promoting ways.

I'm not sure I'm ready?

How much have you lost to dieting? To body loathing? To the pursuit of intentional weight loss? Are you fed up with that loss of time, energy, money and life? Are you ready to show up for yourself in weekly calls and support?  And move towards food freedom?

Then you’re ready. 

What value will I get?

This program offers the most rapid results when it comes to food and body freedom because it’s high-level support, every week, for 12 weeks. 

Via a proven combination of group coaching calls, self-study lessons and exercises, 1:1 coaching calls and our private community.

Is this the right time to invest in myself?

If not now, then when? You are worthy of a full and expansive life without food and body worries.

Imagine waking up and not needing to make up for anything you ate? Imagine not even thinking about that and instead knowing what your body needs and feeling confident to honour that.
Picture yourself confidently navigating diet culture conversations around you and shopping for clothes without despair.

This is possible for you and you are worth that investment.

What if I’m an introvert?

Me too! I hate groups. And yet, time and time again, it’s the group coaching calls that prove pivotal to the success of clients. 

You'll also have the opportunity share with me before we begin how you best like to show up and engage with groups and your preferences and needs will always be honoured.

These group calls are where you'll feel incredibly heard and supported by women who feel the exact same way that you do. This is especially vital to your food freedom journey when friends, family, colleagues (and everyone!) is often very entrenched in diet culture and you may feel alone.

Like this past student shared about attending the live group calls….

“At first I felt very overwhelmed at the thought of being on a group call with as you said 'a group of strangers', but I have absolutely loved it and have felt very supported and have looked forwards to the calls each fortnight! I have never told any of my friends or family EVER about my struggles, so to feel comfortable enough to share what I have with the group is a true testament to how you run the sessions and invite openness in a completely non-judgemental way.”


When does the program start and end?

September 18th 2023.

Each of the 6 program modules are released fortnightly from this date.

With weekly calls commencing from that same week.

You will retain ongoing access to this program for its lifetime.

We have 12 weeks together and finish up in this program on December 8th 2023

When are the live calls? What if I can’t make them?

The live group coaching calls are TBD pending group availability and as an early bird enroller, your schedule is given priority consideration.

All live group calls are held via Zoom, recorded and sent to you afterwards with the option to submit a question beforehand should you not be able to attend live.

How accessible is the content?

All modules contain both audio and captioned video components in addition to visual exercises and guides.

So you can access the content how best suits your lifestyle, schedule and the way you like to take in knowledge.

You have thin privilege, how can you help me?

I do have thin privilege in addition to mutliple other body and identity privileges.

And that might mean I don't have your lived experience. I can never know it and I believe your experience. It’s the one that matters and the one this program will guide you back to again and again. 

Because of my privileges and limited lived experience of marginalisation, this program was intentionally created with a focus on intersectional lived-experience led learning, mentoring and training. Voices and perspectives that I centre, that inform my own and provide me a wider perspective in my comittiment to providing anti-oppressive healthcare.

Practically speaking, this program includes lived experience led-content and lived-experience auditing because it matters.

How is the program anti-oppressive?

Inside Food Freedom, you’ll be exposed to the evidence-based frameworks of intuitive eating and non-diet nutrition which I root in an intersectional. anti-oppressive and client-centred lens.

Meaning that from the outset we'll name the systemic structures that got us here, upholding diet culture and keeping us stuck. We'll lay blame where it duly belongs and prioritise you nourishing your body even whilst living within these oppressive systems as is my committment to anti-oppressive healthcare.

The program modules and coaching are trauma-informed, neurodiversity-affirming and weight-inclusive.

What's the cost of the program?

Presale Enrolment Pricing is 4 x instalments of $AU447. Each instalment is payable every 4 weeks.

This pricing is limited.

This coaching program is an investment and a high level of support to help you apply and implement the skills you'll learn.

Support to overcome food fear, restriction, body disconnection, mindless eating and body loathing. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. A 4-instalment payment plan is available. Contact me for more gradual payment plans.

How much time do I need to invest each week?

This program structure is intended to provide you the ultimate support over 3 months. Working towards your food and body freedom.

Each week for 12 weeks, your schedule should allow for:

  • 30-60mins of self-study videos, audios and guided exercises
  • 60min weekly group call  

+ 2 x 50min private coaching sessions with me split between the first and second half of the program.

This high level of support will enable you to start making valuable and rapid shifts in your own life when it comes to food and eating.

Why are places limited?

For two specific reasons.

Firstly, I am one human being who has a limited capacity in how many other humans I can support, well, at any one time. 

And secondly, group dynamics are key to positive outcomes for all students. And keeping the groups small and well suited means all students benefit from my support and a close-knit community.

Is there 1:1 support?

Yes! In this Food Freedom program you receive 2 x 1:1 individual coaching sessions with Nadia (50mins each) via Zoom. These sessions provide you the opportunity to unpack more deeply and refine the implementation of what you’re learning which is best done individually.

These will be scheduled once we begin in the first and second half of the program.

If you'd like to add-on 4 x 1:1 sessions (6 total) to utilise during the program each fortnight you can do so for $997 - payment plans available.

Will I get lifetime access to the Food Freedom Program?

Yes! You will retain ongoing access to the program modules for its lifetime and in addition can download the the live group call recordings for yourself.

You have Successfully Subscribed!