Food and Body Freedom #10 Clothes and Body Image


It's not uncommon to loathe clothes shopping. Or to go through everything in the wardrobe and nothing looks good. And yet, we're not stuck with this. In this episode we'll explore a radical new way to try on clothes, how it feels to wear clothes that fit and how this all impacts our body image. I also answer a listener question on affirmations to use when navigating the idea that your healthy body needs to look any one way.

This episode explores:

  • body respect as it relates to wearing clothes
  • the ideas we have about clothes and our bodies
  • a radical new way to try on clothes
  • how to organise your wardrobe to better serve you
  • the difference this all makes to your body image

Resources mentioned:

  • The tweet 
  • The radical method of trying on clothes - your free download
  • Categories to sort your wardrobe - fits well and keeping / doesn’t fit and needs replacing / doesn’t fit and donating/selling/throwing out
  • Seeking professional support 
  • Virgie Tovar on The Body Protest podcast and her IG
  • Affirmations from the listener Q&A // My body is different from others and that’s because body diversity is normal and beautiful // Taking care of my body means listening to it and honouring its needs // Restricting my body is pain for my body. Honouring my body is love for my body.
  • Food and Body Freedom Facebook community 

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