Food and Body Freedom #73 Does This Count? Exploring Movement with Jamie Carbaugh


What counts when it comes to movement? Is 5 mins enough? What if you don't sweat? What if you can't 'motivate' yourself? Is rest bad? Where do variations and rest fit? Does play have a place?

In this episode I am joined by Weight-Inclusive, Joyful Movement Coach and Virtual, Certified Personal Trainer Jamie Carbaugh for an entertaining and thought-provoking exploration of movement when we remove the standard weight-centric, capitalist, hustle-culture, ableist and anti-fat perspective. What's even possible?

This episode explores:

  • what if you feel like you 'should' exercise and/or you don't like it
  • variations feeling not good enough 
  • rest and play being dirty words and what happens when we view them as resistance and core to movement as a sustained, supportive practice? 
  • what counts when it comes to movement 
  • where motivation fits
  • what does it look like to measure physical fitness without a weight or aesthetic focus?

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