Food and Body Freedom #57 Getting Dressed without Diet Culture with Dacy Gillespie


We get dressed every day. And that's often an intense, overwhelming and stressful experience. Apparently clothes say so much about who we are and building a stylish wardrobe that challenges capitalist, patriarchal, racist and anti-fat norms is no small feat. Founder of Mindful Closet - Dacy Gillespie and I, explore where to go from here in this episode.

This episode explores:

  • The rules of style and limitations of dressing yourself and the roots of these
  • Why dressing your body can be about safety
  • Clothing and identity including how to find it in a changing body
  • How to try on clothes that make a difference to your body image
  • The impact of your wardrobe full stop
  • Shopping with limited financial resources
  • What we need to talk about when we talk about sizing

Resources mentioned

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