Food and Body Freedom #40 Improving Your Relationship to Movement with Tally Rye


For many folks unpacking their relationship to food and body, their relationship to movement is painful. It's complex and layered in ideas of 'exercise as a chore' and 'exercise to shrink yourself.' It’s always such a privilege to witness clients moving away from these toxic and unhealthy ideas of movement that no longer serve them and into flexible, individual and caring ways that it does. In this episode, Intuitive Movement Fitness Coach Tally Rye and I, explore all of this and more.

This episode explores:

  • What intuitive movement is and the fascinating parallels with intuitive eating
  • How unconditional permission to rest is a critical part of intuitive movement
  • The pendulum swing of movement as all or nothing 
  • Are goals still welcome?
  • Where does structure and discipline intersect with intuitive movement?
  • How the ego can work against us  
  • How to chat with your personal trainer or coach about what you need 
  • Tally and I share a lot about our own journey’s in this space to improve our own relationship to movement 

Resources mentioned:

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