Food and Body Freedom #64 “My Doctor Told Me To Lose Weight”


Chances are if you're exploring the non-diet, weight-inclusive healthcare space, you're possibly perplexed by hearing this from your doctor! Even if from the past, the 'recommendation' may be floating around in your mind and you're unsure how to reconcile it? Is there truth in it? What are you to take from it on your non-diet journey?

This episode explores:

  • the facts surrounding this statement
  • what’s available to you if you’re hearing it…

Resources mentioned

  • Learn about and apply for my Food Freedom Program May cohort
  • The Food and Body Freedom Facebook community
  • My IG
  • Doctor's attitudes about "obesity" study
  • Study of 620 doctor's views on "obese" humans
  • Time reported and perspective of humans with case-given study
  • Initial Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) study
  • Follow-up DPP study
  • Erin Phillip's IG post on the above DPP
  • The impact of health behaviours across the BMI spectrum study

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