Food and Body Freedom #41 The Childfree Choice with Zoë Noble


Lacking choice and consent is harmful. It perpetuates and solidifies harmful hierarchies. Some bodies. Some races. Some genders. Some so-called choices. Except it’s almost like there isn’t a choice when it comes to having children and there is. That choice is yours and knowing options, hearing from happy, fulfilled humans without children - this is important for true choice and consent. To hear it all. To know it all. In this episode photographer and founder of the We Are Childfree Community, Zoë Noble and I explore all of this and more including:

This episode explores:

  • What does childfree mean and how does that intersect with freedom of choice
  • Assumptions about women choosing not to have children
  • Challenging societal norms that women are to be one thing and what happens when the institutions of patriarchy and white supremacy are challenged  
  • The lack of support and respect for mothers and the role that plays in the treatment of childfree women
  • The role of celebrating diversity! And the power of celebrating our stories! 
  • Zoe and I both talk a little about our own childfree choices and how choice isn’t always available to folks
  • Reproductive healthcare obstacles for uterus-havers and how this is at the core of liberation 

Resources mentioned:

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