Food and Body Freedom #2 What You Need to Know About Weight Part 1


Weight is an area that I spend a heap of time chatting with clients and students of my group programs about. Unpacking and processing their beliefs, fears and ideas about weight. Over the years that I've been privileged to do this work of supporting folks in their food and body freedom, I've seen weight chat fall under 3 umbrellas if you like.

Weight itself. Weight and health. Weight and worth.

Each one intertwined with the other and involving deeply conditioned ideas about their value. In this episode, I cover the first two aspects - weight and weight intersecting with health.

This episode covers:

  • Weight diversity
  • Weight as a metric, not behaviour
  • What impacts body weight
  • What's happening when we try to intentionally lower our natural weight level
  • Set point theory
  • What's known about the relationship between weight and health
  • The reality of weight stigma
  • The negative impacts of intentional weight loss
  • What else we can focus on when it comes to health


Resources mentioned:


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