Food and Body Freedom #3 What You Need to Know About Weight Part 2


Weight "concerns" are an area that folks commonly come to a Nutritionist for. Weight gain, weight loss, weight concerns. Maybe their own. Maybe other people’s. A doctor, a family member. And as a Nutritionist and Intuitive Eating Counsellor who supports women recovering from chronic dieting, yo-yo weight cycling, disordered food habits and negative body image, I have the privilege of hearing many stories. Painful stories of self-worth being intertwined with body weight. I explore why that is in this episode and how to move past it. 

This episode explores:

  • The origins of body shame
  • What diet culture is
  • How we are taught to loathe our bodies
  • Who profits from our body loathing
  • Where the "default body" comes in
  • The feminist theory of self-self-objectification
  • How weight as worth interferes with wellbeing
  • Challenging the idea of feeling "better" in our body by changing what it looks like on the outside
  • How to start moving beyond this

Resources mentioned:

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