Food and Body Freedom #72 Why Diet Culture is Just Icing On The Cake with Jessica Wilson


It's comfortable and increasingly normalised to criticise and speak to dismantling diet culture. To view diet pill companies as the villain and validly criticise and hold to account companies and concepts including Noom, Weight Watchers and the body mass index (BMI). Yet, they’re actually the icing on the cake when white supremacy, patriarchy and capitalism are the ingredients that allowed for that cake to be made. 

When we ignore these structures and systems we harm everyone and leave liberation behind. In this episode I am joined by queer, disabled Dietitian, Author and Community Organiser Jessica Wilson for a deeply thought provoking and insightful exploration of Health and all that gets lumped in with it including intuitive eating and diet culture.

This episode explores:

  • the loud messages that a body is supposed to be healthy at all times and there’s set ways to do that with the messages coming from powerful places
  • how this is inherently political and always has been
  • who is left out of consideration when it comes to eating disorder treatment, dietetic practice and both wellness and healthcare generally 
  • who is intuitive eating for?
  • when we swap dieting for intuitive eating - what is missing ?
  • why just dismantling "diet culture" isn't enough and what we do need instead

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