Food and Body Freedom #29 Why Weight Loss Won’t Fix Your Body Image with Beauty Redefined


Does the idea of losing weight also equal feeling and looking better to you? Is it the 'fix' you're used to focusing on? And also wondering why it never actually helps (even if you do keep the weight off long-term?) What if the 'fix' wasn't really a fix at all? And more a conditioned response?

This episode explores:

  • why women who feel good about their bodies, often have a harder time with shame when their bodies change
  • a more accurate and helpful definition of positive body image than you’ve probably heard before
  • why directing our own body hatred, outwards is powerful
  • what it means to experience your full embodied self
  • why any form of trying to fix your so-called body flaws will not fix your body image (and what will!)

Resources mentioned:

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