Food and Body Freedom #52 Your PCOS Doesn’t Need a Diet with Julie Duffy Dillon


This a personal one for me!
PCOS is common in folks with ovaries AND commonly overlooked in its care. Leaving folks without enough answers and often feeling even more overwhelmed. I'm joined in this exploration by Julie Duffy Dillon. Julie is a Registered Dietitian, Eating Disorder Specialist and host of the Find Your Food Voice podcast based in the USA.

This episode explores:

  • Quick definition of PCOS (and how it’s more than fertility concerns!)
  • Go-to PCOS recommendations and all that’s wrong with them
  • The overlap between diet culture, fatphobia, healthism and PCOS so-called ‘treatment’
  • Why are we getting it so wrong?
  • Whether or not PCOS can be cured
  • The core framework of effectively managing PCOS

Resources mentioned

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