Stop obsessing about food

Stop eating with guilt and shame

Stop feeling stuck in the binge and restrict cycle

Stop dieting for good


Obsessing about food – what to eat, when, how much and what’s healthy?

Having body anxiety and obsession around your weight?

Starting every week “being good” after a weekend of “feeling bad?

Feeling stuck in the craving, bingeing and restricting cycle?

Using food to cope?

Feeling confused by nutrition?


Feel empowered to nourish yourself without diets and rules?

Find body positivity without restriction and manipulation?

Find balance and eat freely with joy?

Become the expert of your own body?

Make peace with food and your body?

Gain a life back?



That provide you with a step-by-step path
Broken into manageable chunks of time <15 mins


To support the exercises and help consolidate your progress


That I personally guide you through


To provide you with support and reminders


Come and go at your own pace

Log in from anywhere 24/7


Connect with, and support those on the same journey as you


I’m your guide to this process of re-connecting with and trusting your innate body wisdom. The wisdom that knows what you need in order to nourish and take care of you. Consider me your guide to reconnect with your default setting.

I’m Nadia Felsch.

A university qualified Nutritionist (BHSc) who is also a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor. And that means this.

I love food and I care about nutrition. And I also believe that more information about the latter is pointless without first considering your relationship with both food and your body. How you view food and your body is as important as the nutrients you feed it.

And I found that out the hard way. Maybe you have too?

So whilst I’m a Nutritionist, I’m also a human and a human who has….

• spent years of my life counting every calorie that passed my lips

• spent years feeling guilty about my food choices

• spent years loathing my body and feeling dissatisfied with it

• spent years immersed in diet culture and all of its damage without even knowing it

Yet when I did the work to reconnect with, and honour my own innate signals of hunger, fullness and satisfaction, and when I addressed my obsession with being thin, I regained a life. I lived a whole lot more and obsessed a whole lot less. I found freedom, joy and satisfaction in eating, an incredible appreciation for my body and time for the other facets of my life that I was ignoring and missing out on.

Whilst I was wrapped up in the pursuit of being thin and worrying about what to eat at every moment of the day, I didn’t have time or energy for much less.

Does this sound familiar to you?


• If you’re focused on losing 5kg in 2 days

• If you want to be told what to eat and when

• If you have a medical condition and have not received advice on individual appropriateness from your healthcare professional

• If you have an eating disorder


• If you’re fed up obsessing about food – what to eat, when, how much and what’s healthy

• If you’re over experiencing body anxiety and obsession around your weight

• If you’re done starting every week “being good” after a weekend of “feeling bad

• If you’re sick of feeling stuck in the craving, bingeing and restricting cycle

• If you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed by nutrition

• If you no longer want to feel uncomfortable in your own body

• If you’re fed up not feeling pleasure, joy or satisfaction from eating


“I can’t thank you enough for all the support and confidence you have given me. I honestly feel like a different person.”

Elisha Emerton – Nutrition Client

“Since our consult, I’ve been able to actually listen to what my body wants and needs and not eat chocolate in protest of my own body!”

Abigail Harcourt- Nutrition Client

“It feels like you’ve brought me back to life! You gave me permission to stop hating myself for being overweight. I can’t tell you how much happier I am and how much my confidence is starting to come back since I’ve been working with you.”

Monique Sartore – Nutrition Client

“I just want to say a big thank you for all of your help. You have given me valuable tools in helping me understand how to fuel my body in the right way for me.”

Clare Davies – Nutrition Client


Dummy please ignore
Is this Intuitive Eating?

Each principle of this program incorporates between one and two principles of the original Intuitive Eating framework which is what I use to work with clients looking to make peace with food and become the expert of their own bodies. This is an evidence-based framework established by two Dietitians and of which I am certified to teach.

This program has a particular focus to help you move away from rules and restrictions in the eating choices you’re currently making and allow you to gain a life back. It honours the original framework of Intuitive Eating, allowing you to become an Intuitive Eater.


Will I lose weight doing this program?

Weight loss may or may not be a side effect of becoming a more Intuitive Eater through this program. I can not know that outcome, neither can you or anyone else. There are multiple factors at play and the promotion of weight loss as related to Intuitive Eating opposes its core values and is something that I vehemently disagree with.

What is established however, is that fact that a focus on weight loss interferes with your ability to make choices based on your intuitive signals. It places all the focus on appearance rather than your inner wisdom and experience. You are worth more than your weight. And you might gain a whole lot more back either way! Imagine feeling freedom, joy and satisfaction in eating and appreciation for your body?

What if I have limited time?

No problem at all. You have lifetime access to this program and can do it all at once (not what I would recommend) or over years if you choose. There’s no time limit or deadline to meet. Simply come and go as works for you and your life.

Why will this work for me? It’s just another program isn’t it?

This program puts you and your experience front and centre.

It’s a process of discovery and regardless of what happens, there’s no failures here. No wrong or right. Only opportunities to learn.

The program is heavily practical and encourages you to put everything you hear into practice so that you can learn from your own lived experience. This empowers you to continue to act in your own best interests – an incredibly powerful momentum is established.

What if I have a medical condition?

This program may not be suitable for you. Individual 1:1 consultations may be more suitable for you whilst also seeking specialised care for the management and treatment of your condition. If that sounds like you, information on working with me directly can be found here.

I can’t provide individual advice as to whether or not this program is right for you and you are best to ask your healthcare provider.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

If you’ve completed all components of the course and after giving it your all, feel that you’re not satisfied, simply reach out and I’ll happily provide a money back guarantee within 30 days.

© Nadia Felsch 2019.