Since I started blogging in February 2013, I’ve developed in almost every way that a person can.
My entire life has changed.

I’ve gone from working a zillion hours a week in a job that didn’t serve me to creating my first eBook, launching my first site and working part-time in order to focus every bit of my attention on this, the thing that makes my heart soar – you.

Along that awesome journey I’ve shared the ups and the not-so-ups with you, the delicious recipes that fuel my lifestyle and even the way that I like to workout.

It’s hard to play favourites but…
Here they are!

Travel is the Best Medicine

For close to 15 years I was unable to board a flight without a whole heap of anxiety and fanfare. Funny for someone who has spent the better part of the last 5 years travelling every chance they’ve had.
One day, that head noise, chatter and heightened anxiety simply fell away and yet I was facing down the barrel of a 14-hour skyward journey back home.
What changed? Something pretty big. Read on to find out what and even take on those lessons into your own life.

Green Dream – The Perfect Green Juice

Why is a juice recipe in my favourite posts? Simple.
After many attempts, I finally found a recipe combination that rocked my socks, and not only mine.
All the benefits of green without the icky taste. Winner indeed. Try it immediately.

Why I Need to Take My Own Advice

After one too many long days burning the proverbial candle at both ends, I struck out and cried. My body knew better than me and it begged me to stop.
All too often in this crazy busy world, we do too much or as I like to say, ‘we’re all push and no pull!’
We’ve all been here as well, striving to get the most out of life, to do it all and to be everything to everyone; superstars right? We can do it all and have it all too.
Check this post out to find out what advice that is and give yourself a break.

Raw Cacao Protein Balls

A raw, simple and unprocessed way to enjoy the chocolate that you love – good luck keeping these safe from hungry friends! This recipe remains the #1 favourite on the site and has held the top spot since its inception in mid-2013. To this day, I spend 15 minutes once a week making these with my hubby and ensuring we have a delicious sweet treat ready and awaiting us when the mood strikes.

Peace and Kindness for a Healthier Body

All the green-juice-drinking and workouts in the world won’t help you on the path to optimal health if there’s anything other than peace within you.
Not in a hippy kind of way though in a really obvious, where there’s conflict, things don’t work out so well.
One of the last places that we are trained to look for conflict resolution; or its’ opposite, peace; is within ourselves however the repercussions of ignoring it are more powerful than we give credit to.
This post explores how I found that peace and kindness in the most unlikely of places and the immeasurable benefits of staying on this course.

That Time I Quit My Job And Got Happy

The title says it all right?
Leaving money and stability behind in a successful career was both the hardest and simplest decision that I’ve ever made; one that took years to even realise though has enabled me to follow my heart more and more each day.
You know what pushed me over the edge? A song. An incredible song.
Read on to find out which one and how I left misery behind.

The Bread That You Must Make Immediately

I’ve made no secret of loving bread, a good sandwich is sometimes the only way to go; simple and poetic in its beauty. Over the years of learning more about food and what my body needs, creating a quick, highly nutritious and satisfying loaf of bread was up there in my priorities. Enter > this recipe.

The No Frills Workout

A simple and effective workout that you can do anywhere no matter your fitness level? Yes please.
My incredible P.T. Mum and I created this workout and I swear I can still feel the burn from those single leg bridge raises – super effective!

I’m a Bachelorette Again

Have you ever put your relationship in front of your own needs? Are you guilty of ditching your friends for your boyfriend? We all are.
Find out why being alone (even in a relationship) is the best thing to ever happen to you and how to make the most of it.

I’m Getting Married Tomorrow

I felt fairly certain that I’d never get married, it just didn’t seem to be for me. I’m not the “bride” type, though get married I absolutely did. In this post I discuss my tips and insight to do things your way, without upsetting everyone and loving every single minute of the journey.

Killer Muesli

One of the original recipes on my blog and one which still features in my household and many others to this day. Classics never fade.
Of course I reinvent the combinations from time to time though this <15 minute recipe sees my husband and I enjoy a nutritious and satisfying breakfast each morning in no time at all and lasts for 2 weeks in our house! It doesn’t get better than that.