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When it comes to food, I’m all about one thing: real food.
No weird or expensive ‘diet’ foods. No extracts or packets with health claims plastered all over them. Instead, I believe in filling up and nourishing with wholefoods. Vibrant and real foods as close to their natural state as possible.

Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, unrefined grains and legumes as well as happy animals.

Food that comes in packets, jars and cans. From far away lands. That’s undergone extensive processing and refining. Food that’s been handled over and and over on its journey – this, I don’t believe in.

Instead I believe the key is preparing simple food with our own hands and having both an understanding and respect for where it comes from. Enjoying the food that nourishes us and enables us to feel and look our best.

As well as enjoying simple, delicious and nutritious foods, I believe that true balance is crucial. Enjoying a wide variety of real food to maximise the positive and minimise the negative. Ensuring that both our senses and body cells are satisfied.

And this lifestyle doesn’t require us to be perfect, because none of us are.
It’s not about never enjoying an indulgent piece of cake or less-than-healthy burger option.

But it does mean you don’t need them at the same time. That you don’t obsess or feel guilt when you do indulge and essentially, it’s all no big deal.

Not ‘needing’ to eat any particular food and not feeling pulled or attached to anything. Rather, enjoying food that we love, that also loves us back. Without restraint, rules and a deprivation-mindset.

Diets and labels may not be dirty words though they’re certainly unhelpful and within our society, completely out of control in their application.

We’re scared of food. Of eating. And it doesn’t need to be this way.

Nadia Food Philosophy
Nadia Food Philosophy

Bringing about more real wholefoods into your world will enable you to ‘get off’ the processed food train. To become in touch with; perhaps for the first time; your natural instincts. To allow the unique nuances that you require to shine through. To enjoy the process.

We are each unique in our specific requirements and this not only changes at varying stages of your life though sometimes even on a daily basis. Becoming more in touch with these needs is best brought about with natural, real foods and true balance.

I bring taste and practicality to healthy eating. From kitchen skills and nutrition information to the actual simple, delicious + nutritious recipes themselves.

What’s important is that I teach my clients and students “how to fish for themselves.” Providing the tools and support that enable you to know how to take the best care of yourself, within your busy life. So that no matter what you’ve got going on, eating well – the underpinning support of a wonderful life – is not a complicated process.

To learn about the ways you can work with me and benefit from my vast nutritional knowledge and healthy eating experience, head here.