A 75-minute live masterclass to help you “break-through” old body beliefs that no longer serve you and integrate tools to accept your here and now body

This is not a lesson in loving yourself and ignoring the systemic structures we’re living in! This is reality, healing in community and learning how to resist. Utilising the signature tools I support my high-level clients with every day!


  • You’re struggling to accept your current body 
  • You feel easily triggered by your reflection and/or looking at yourself in photos
  • You frequently compare your body to others
  • You spend a great deal of time thinking about how your body is perceived by others
  • You know that how you feel about your body dictates how you care for it and how you show up in the world
  • You’re seeking accessible body acceptance support
  • You’re fed up struggling and are craving your long-awaited body acceptance breakthrough!


Register now for the live MasterClass on March 2nd @ 7pm AEDT (+ the replay!)


  • 75-min live MasterClass (+ replay)
  • Learn my 4 signature body acceptance tools
  • Receive guidance to implement the tools yourself
  • Q&A opportunity to receive my support
  • Ongoing access to the materials

I’m your guide to working on body acceptance.
I’m Nadia Felsch.
A university qualified Nutritionist (BHSc), Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and pawrent to 2 x sausage dogs named Toast and Avocado.
I support folks who aren’t happy with their relationship to food and body, find freedom – what works for them and how to do more of it – within oppessive structures such as patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy and anti-fatness. In this MasterClass you can access my years of knowledge and experience working 1:1 with humans just like you.


Register now for the live MasterClass on March 2nd @ 7pm AEDT (+ the replay!)

You’ll walk away from this MasterClass feeling more empowered in the way you relate to your body, with a clear direction to focus on and with the right tools to implement straight away!


When is the MasterClass?

The MasterClass will be held live on March 2nd @ 7pm AEDT. If you purchase the class you will also receive a replay with ongoing access.

How long is the MasterClass?

The MasterClass runs for 75 minutes with a training for around 60 mins and the chance to ask me your questions for 15 mins.

How do I access the MasterClass?

The MasterClass is held via the Zoom platform. Once you register, a link will be sent to you to access the class. After the class is complete, a replay link will be sent to you within 24 hours.

What’s the cost of the MasterClass?


This MasterClass provides you guidance through my top 4 body acceptance tools. Juicy strategies, tools and experience gained from my years supporting clients food and body relationship.

It also provides you the opportunity to ask me your questions and receive my support.

It’s accessible support that I’m proud to offer to help you work on body acceptance and feel better in your body today! 

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