You have the best of intentions for your eating and find yourself doing the opposite. Eating all the foods you said you wouldn't. Feeling guilty and out of control.

You know your relationship to food isn't great, you want to feel less restricted and more in control but you have no idea how to feel the calm and control you're craving. 

The Beginnner Intuitive Eating Accelerator is your fast-track program to go from feeling frustrated and confused about food to empowered and confident.

This group coaching program is designed to help folks newer to working on their relationship to food just like yourself, gain the step-by-step clarity on how to connect to your body and trust it. Imagine knowing what your body needs and feeling confident to honour that. This is possible for you, too.

In this small, intimate group setting, you will be guided through each step of the Intuitive Eating process. Your healthy relationship to food is there for the taking.


You are struggling with food

You're ready to work on a healthier and more peaceful relationship to food

You are a beginner or may have explored a little

You're seeking guidance and support

You're willing to invest in your wellbeing

You can commit and show up for yourself weekly starting February 28 - April 8


6 program modules of foundational Intuitive Eating lessons

16 worksheets to help you put the lessons into practice

Step-by-step practices to connect to your body 

6 weekly group coaching calls

Private community group membership to keep the support going

Lifetime access to the program content


    MODULE 1 - F**k Diets

    Where you’ll learn about the significant failure rate of diets, their adverse impacts, how to identify the vast influence of diet culture in your life, why weight is not equal to health and how to protect yourself from the onslaught of diet culture.

    MODULE 2 - Hunger and Body Connection

    Where you’ll learn how to identify your hunger signals and why this matters, increase your overall body connection, explore crucial self-care actions as foundational and begin to experience the magic that occurs when you listen to your clever body.

    MODULE 3 - Food Rules and Guilt

    Where you’ll explore which food rules might be holding you back from a healthy relationship with food, cultivate unconditional permission to eat and begin making peace with food.

    MODULE 4 - Fullness and Satisfaction

    Where you’ll learn the difference between fullness and satisfaction when it comes to eating, the varying elements that contribute to these concepts and how different foods feel to you.

    MODULE 5 - Body Respect and Emotions

    Where you’ll learn to become comfortable in your own skin, explore ways to show your body kindness, cultivate body neutrality, move with empowerment and address using food as a coping mechanism.

    MODULE 6 - Gentle Nutrition

    Where you’ll learn how to decide what to eat, nutrition specifics through an Intuitive Eating, non-diet lens and how to strike the right balance for you when it comes to food.


    ** VIP Package **

    Prefer more 1:1 support? Upgrade to VIP & feel more supported as you navigate the process of Intuitive Eating. This VIP package includes:

    • Everything in the regular package
    • 2 x 50min individual coaching sessions

    **Only 2 available

    "This program has been life changing."

    "I was at my lowest low before starting. I was desperate for help to not have my entire life be about my weight and deciding what and how to eat. Honestly, I feel like a human being again, who has nutritional needs and simply satisfies them."


    "I’ve never been better at caring for my body.

    Working through this program has helped me to normalise foods so that I can eat in a way that nourishes me without stress, guilt and eating past fullness. It almost feels like magic! I've never felt this good!”


    "It not only helped with my relationship with food, but helped my relationship with myself too.

    My relationship to food is so much healthier now. Food is just food. It has no weird power over me and I have no need to restrict it. I also no longer crave things like candy and chocolate anymore because I don’t really love them as much as I thought I did in the first place!”


    "I feel so relieved to have found you and this program. My life is inexplicably better for it.

    I was at rock bottom. I hated my body. I hated me. Now, everything has changed. I enjoy food again. The guilt is gone. I can eat as a way to satisfy me, not only physically but also psychologically. I trust and respect my body."


    "Now all food is just food and I've reconnected to my body.

    I was desperate before starting this program. I'd tried every diet and spent all of my adult life caught up in my own head with weight and image related thoughts. Now I've moved beyond all of the food rules I had (and didn't know I had too!) and can eat in connection with my body and its needs."


    "The start of the most important work I've ever done.

    I was absolutely obsessed with my body before starting the program and now my life has completely changed. I have a healthy relationship with myself where I respect, care and honour my body. What a relief!"


    "Love, love, loved the program.

    The impact of completing this program has been phenomenal! No food is off limits and yet I don’t want to just eat pizza and chocolate all day long. I want to eat all kinds of foods. Foods that make me feel good, physically and emotionally."


    "I no longer think about food so much!"

    "I used to feel so restricted and anxious about food choices and now I don't think about it nearly as much. I also now feel free to choose whatever I feel like eating at any given moment and not be embarrassed by my choices in a group setting."


    WHO AM I?

    I’m your guide to this process of re-connecting with and trusting your innate body wisdom. The wisdom that knows what you need in order to nourish and take care of you.
    Consider me your guide to reconnect with your default setting.
    I’m Nadia Felsch.
    A university qualified Nutritionist (BHSc) who is also a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor.
    I help folks who aren’t happy with their relationship to food and their body, ditch dieting for good so they can get on with living a joyous, satisfying & impactful life.
    I love food and I care about nutrition.
    And I also believe that more information about the latter is pointless without first considering your relationship with both food and your body.
    How you view food and your body is as important as the nutrients you feed it.

    The Recap:

    6 program modules of foundational Intuitive Eating lessons

    Step-by-step practices to connect to your body 

    Six weekly group calls to connect, share and support one another

    Private community group membership to keep the support going

    Lifetime access to the program content

    **Opportunity to upgrade for VIP support



    ** VIP Package **

    Prefer more 1:1 support? Upgrade to VIP & feel more supported as you navigate the process of Intuitive Eating. This VIP package includes:

    • Everything in the regular package
    • 2 x 50min individual coaching sessions

    **Only 2 available

    Imagine how much time and energy you would have for everything you love in life, if you were spending less time thinking and worrying about food?


    Here's some more information to help you make an empowered decision that's right for you.

    Who is the Beginner Intuitive Eating Accelerator for?

    Women and femme-identifying folks who are struggling with their relationship to food and who are seeking more peace. It’s suitable for both beginners to Intuitive Eating and those who’ve already explored a little. 

    Food rules, food guilt, emotional eating, binge eating - we cover it all!

    Not sure if you’ve got the time?

    The time commitment each week varies between 90 mins and 2 hours for the 6 weeks of the program. 

    And yet for this time commitment, your entire life could change for the better. 

    Still want to lose weight?

    This desire is so understandable in our thin-obsessed society where thin bodies are represented as the goal. 

    This patriarchal belief is one we were all led to believe in and yet it also doesn’t make it true. 

    You have full body autonomy when it comes to the desire for intentional weight loss. If however, you are done with the trauma of dieting and body loathing, there is another way.

    You can learn about, and come to accept that we do not ultimate control over our weight and the the cost of trying to manipulate and control our weight is very, very high. Restriction is miserable.

    You can also learn to trust that your body will find its happy place with no micromanaging required. This is healthier and happier for our bodies and our quality of life. 

    Still hate your body?

    It’s so understandable that societally, our weight is tied to our body image or in how we feel about ourselves. Whilst having positive body image, does include liking and appreciating your body, trying to change your body will never truly improve how you feel about your body and yourself.

    It will in fact do the opposite where by continually chasing the illusion of the ideal (thin body), means never truly having peace or acceptance for ourselves. We can spend our whole life there or we can choose to opt out of that societal norm and work on body respect and acceptance instead.

    Not sure if you’re ready?

    How much have you lost to dieting? To body loathing? To the pursuit of intentional weight loss? Are you fed up with that loss of time, energy, money and life? Are you ready to show up for yourself in weekly calls and support?  And move towards food freedom?

    Then you’re ready. 

    Worried about the value you’ll get?

    This program offers accelerated results when it comes to improving your relationship to food because it offers support, every week, for 6 weeks. 

    Via a proven combination of group coaching calls, fundamental Intuitive Eating lessons and our private community.

    Not sure this is the right time to invest in yourself?

    If not now, then when? You are worthy of a full and expansive life without food and body worries.

    Imagine waking up and not needing to make up for anything you ate? Imagine not even thinking about that and instead knowing what your body needs and feeling confident to honour that. This is possible for you and you are worth that investment.

    What if I’m an introvert?

    Me too! I hate groups. And yet, time and time again, it’s the group coaching calls that prove pivotal to the success of clients. 

    It’s where you'll feel incredibly heard and supported by women who feel the exact same way that you do. This is especially vital to your food freedom journey when friends, family, colleagues (and everyone!) is often very entrenched in diet culture and you may feel alone.

    Like this past student shared about attending the live group calls….

    “At first I felt very overwhelmed at the thought of being on a group call with as you said 'a group of strangers', but I have absolutely loved it and have felt very supported and have looked forwards to the calls each fortnight! I have never told any of my friends or family EVER about my struggles, so to feel comfortable enough to share what I have with the group is a true testament to how you run the sessions and invite openness in a completely non-judgemental way.”


    When does the program start and end?

    February 28th.

    Each of the 6 program modules are available from this date.

    And you will retain ongoing access to this program for its lifetime.

    Weekly calls begin the w/c 28th February.

    We have 6 weeks together and finish up in this program on April 8th, 2022.

    When are the live calls? What if I can’t make them?

    The live group coaching calls schedule is TBD by the group availability.

    All live group calls are 60mins, held via Zoom, recorded and sent to you afterwards with the option to submit a question beforehand should you not be able to attend live.

    What’s the cost of the program?

    3 x monthly instalments of $AU297.

    The VIP package includes 2 x 50min individual coaching sessions. This package is 4 x monthly instalments of $AU349.

    This coaching program is an investment and provides you support to overcome food fear, restriction, body disconnection, mindless eating and body loathing. 

    How much time do I need to invest each week?

    This program structure is intended to provide you accelerated support over 6 weeks. Working towards your improved relationship to food.

    Each week, your schedule should allow for:

    • 20-30mins of video content (self-paced)
    • 60min-75mins group coaching call 

    This accelerated level of support will enable you to start making valuable and rapid shifts in your own life when it comes to food and eating.

    Why are places limited?

    For two specific reasons. Firstly, I am one human being who has a limited capacity in how many other humans I can support, well, at any one time. 

    And secondly, group dynamics are key to positive outcomes for all students. And keeping the groups small and well suited means all students benefit from my support and a close-knit community.

    Will I get lifetime access to the modules?

    Yes! You will retain ongoing access to the program modules for its lifetime. In addition to the live group call recordings and access to the private community. 

    Is there 1:1 support?

    Yes! You can upgrade to the VIP package and receieve 2 x individual coaching sessions with Nadia (50mins each) via Zoom.

    These sessions provide you the opportunity to unpack more deeply and refine what you’re learning in the way that can only be done individually.

How can I enrol?

    Complete this application form. I'll review it and from there be in touch.

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