Snacking can be a huge let down for those of us wanting to make better food choices.

It’s often the time of day when everything you’ve established so easily comes undone.

Whether it’s the morning, 3pm or for dessert, raw treats offer you a fantastic solution. Fast, simple, delicious and most importantly – easily prepared in advance to beat those cravings!

Raw treats are always a better alternative, using gorgeous whole and real foods as opposed to flooding your body with processed and refined food that was created in a factory. When we eat treats made from wholefoods, we set our bodies up to better regulate their own blood sugar levels and in turn, cease craving the not-so-good stuff. However they are treats all the same and should be enjoyed in moderation; you will find though that these satisfying morsels go further than you think… Raw treats are also a great way to add in extra nutrients to your diet, protein, good fats and complex carbohydrates are all there.

Raw Cacao Protein Balls

If you love chocolate then this recipe for is the one for you! Good luck keeping these safe from hungry friends.

Salted Caramel Protein Balls

Super indulgent and yet super nutritious to keep you firing through your regular afternoon slump is this magic recipe.

Lemon Cheesecake Bites

This recipe may actually change your life. It tastes like cheesecake, though is it really cheesecake? A handful of ingredients and you’re ready for these bites of heaven!

Raw Chocolate, Orange & Almond Bark

When you indulge in something sweet, your body doesn’t always respond how you wish it would… Enter this sweet treat and a whole new world for you.

Raw Nut & Seed Slice

Wholefoods need no trimmings; they are delicious and nutritious all on their own. However the right combination of raw ingredients can be a game changer.