White Nectarine, Pecan & Haloumi salad | Nadia Felsch

White Nectarine, Pecan & Haloumi salad

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Summer fruits are currently on their last legs in Australia. And this salad is the ideal way to use one of my faves – juicy and sweet white nectarines. If you’re a regular on this blog or my instagram, you’ll likely be familiar with my love for salads. And how deliciously diverse my definition of […]

Gluten-Free Meatballs | Nadia Felsch

Gluten-Free Meatballs

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This was one of those recipes that made me smile with joy. It worked. It was easy. It tasted damn good. It had reignited my love of meatballs and reminded me how important it is to mix it up and keep the food we eat interesting. Because believe me, I get it. It’s so easy […]

Steak with Salsa Verde & Sweet Potato, White Bean Mash | Nadia Felsch

Steak with Salsa Verde & Sweet Potato, White Bean Mash

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If you’ve followed this blog and my social channels for any amount of time, you’ll likely have noticed that meat doesn’t feature all too often. I’m certainly a plant kind of girl.* *Who eats meat. Because this is what I love and what helps me thrive, I literally dream of plants and all their incredibly […]

Fresh Rolls with Peanut & Ginger Dipping Sauce | Nadia Felsch

Fresh Rolls with Peanut & Ginger Sauce

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The first time I mastered the art of rice paper rolls, I of course shared the technique and recipe. That same foundation is also what spurred on countless recreations since that time in 2014 and here we are with my absolute favourite recipe yet! Fresh rolls tick so many boxes for me when it comes […]

Raw Hazelnut, Cacao & Rose Energy Balls | Nadia Felsch

Raw Hazelnut, Cacao & Rose Energy Balls

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Raw energy balls are absolutely a fave category of recipes on this website and I’m not surprised. Sweet, yummy, nourishing and easy to make. What’s not to love? And these real food bursts of energy that I’ve created just in time for Valentine’s Day are no exception. I’ve been loving hazelnuts more than usual lately and wanted […]

Mushroom & Barley ‘Risotto’ | Nadia Felsch

Mushroom & Barley ‘Risotto’

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I can’t lie, sometimes when I have ideas for recipes, they don’t always come together. Even 5-6 attempts later, I can be left with an inedible mess. I’ve come to think of it as part and parcel of this recipe development shebang. However, sometimes there’s recipes that sound great in my mind, and come together perfectly. […]

Pistachio Milk | Nadia Felsch

Pistachio Milk

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Whether it’s about allergies, intolerances or simply preference – nut milks are certainly here to stay. It seems that they’re not just in specialty stores and cafes anymore either, though in large chain supermarkets too. But what about making your own? Is it hard? Time-consuming? Only for ‘those’ people? Straight up – no. And like […]

3 Items My Kitchen Can't Live Without | Nadia Felsch

3 items my kitchen can’t live without

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I want to start this post out very clearly, and that’s by telling you that I don’t own a microwave nor a toaster. And haven’t for a number of years. Despite developing recipes for a living, I’m all about less is more in the kitchen (and everywhere else too). I love having clean spaces and essentially, […]

Rose, Chocolate & Berry Smoothie | Nadia Felsch

Rose, Chocolate & Berry Smoothie

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There’s just something about rose. The smell. The look. The idea even, if I dare to say so. And it’s in this past week that I’ve rediscovered all of those truths. You see, I’m not the kind of person with a bathroom vanity or kitchen pantry full of unknown items from 2007. I am however […]

Salad Jar | Nadia Felsch

Salad In a Jar

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Most of us are away from home at lunchtime and so what we’ve packed is key. Lack of preparation in this area often leads to making less-than-ideal food choices, and worse still, regretting them later – both physically and emotionally. Lunchtime offers us the opportunity to take five away from our busy day, perhaps breathe some […]

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