5 lessons you can learn from the way I eat

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Eating food. Something that most of us do several times a day. For energy, for nutrition, for growth, for health, for pleasure. The reasons are varied and mostly, separated. Because the reality is that for most of the population, eating for health is not the same as eating for pleasure. One can not be the other right? […]

Chicken Noodle Soup | Nadia Felsch

Why you need to forget about Monday

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How many diets start on a Monday? How many gym memberships are signed on a Monday? How many rules, rituals and guidelines are set up to be adhered to starting next Monday? And how many of these same things are nowhere to be seen by Wednesday or Thursday? Think about this in your own life. How […]

Raw Nut & Seed Slice | Nadia Felsch

Raw Muesli Bar

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Here is a nourishing and delicious addition to the lunchbox – both yours and the kids! One of my new favourites and for only a few minutes work, you can’t beat that! Ditch the expensive and processed bars, slices and snacks and instead enjoy a far more delicious slice that will keep your energy firing […]

Appetite guilt

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This interesting topic came up in discussions with a lovely client of mine recently and once delved into; I realised how insidious it could be. As this lovely lady is currently looking to lose excess weight and regulate the balance in her body, the matter of her appetite has been in the spotlight throughout our conversations. The concept […]

Clean Dining | Kitchen by Mike

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Having heard about this canteen-style eatery in Sydney’s commercial-heavy suburb of Rosebery for months, it was time for Mum and Daughter to check it out! On paper Kitchen by Mike ticked all of the boxes for clean eating in an enjoyable setting. Just before the lunch rush on a sunny Thursday afternoon we stepped in […]

Body Fat & Calories – Part 2

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Do you know that 1kg of fat is equal to 8750 calories? To put that number in perspective, an active 20-something man needs to eat roughly 2200 calories per day simply to survive. The first time that I heard this figure, it literally blew me away. It also allowed me to make the most significant […]

Clean Dining | Bread & Circus

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I love food. About this point I am fairly sure none of you are surprised. Sometimes I wish I did not love food quite so much though it is a part of me. I have learnt that denying parts of yourself is far more damaging than any perceived “fallout” could be so embrace it I […]

A day in my life….

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A few people have been interested in exactly what I eat, when I eat it, how much of it and the training that I do… I thought it would be fun to track; and of course photograph; each meal, my training and show you my day. Hence…. A day in my life. It was tough […]

The eat everything on your plate rule

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Are you guilty of this rule?? I certainly was for a period when my girls were fairly young and; with what I thought was good common sense; made them sit at the table until all was consumed. Luckily, I soon realized that forced eating would lead to undesirable eating habits later in life. Recently I read an article discussing […]

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