3 simple steps to Raw + Delicious Chocolate

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Chocolate is one of those foods that people have a serious love affair with. The kind that make you close your eyes in joy and that you feel you can’t live without. Although the 80/20 or 90/10 rule comes into play here; and regular-off-the-shelf chocolate can be enjoyed from time to time; the seriously simple way to […]

Salted Caramel Protein Balls | Nadia Felsch

Raw Salted Caramel Protein Balls

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You guys love the idea of easy and nutritious snacks that can be made in advance and enjoyed on the go! This recipe is such an easy way to add more protein, fats and quality carbohydrates in your diet, is delicious and also helps you avoid the post-refined-sugar slump of processed, off-the-shelf snacks. There’s power […]

The truth behind that 6-pack

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This is a post that in so many ways, I have been trying to write for 6 months. It starts with a girl who ate whatever she wanted and lived her life, moves on to a girl who cried herself to sleep starving and full of anxiety, and ends (for now) with a girl who […]

Raw Fig Cheesecake

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A few weeks ago a friend and follower of our blog posted this raw cake recipe on my Facebook wall, encouraged me to test it and report back. Of course I loved this challenge… Last week, with a few adjustments of my own, I created this dessert as you would have seen if you follow […]

A bowl of perfect – Kale, Corn & Quinoa salad

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I remember watching an episode of Masterchef in 2013 when the idea for this recipe came to me. Taking into account the joy and texture of corn, with delicious salty, nutty and soft elements all thrown in for good measure. There is no surprise to know that green leafy vegetables are good for us, we […]

Precious bodies

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As discussed previously in this post; it is often not until we experience a negative that we learn and adapt. Such is life and human nature. For me, nowhere is this more prevalent than in regard to our bodies. In just one slice of your kitchen knife your hand could be forever effected. With one slip […]

Raw Nut & Seed Slice | Nadia Felsch

Raw Muesli Bar

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Here is a nourishing and delicious addition to the lunchbox – both yours and the kids! One of my new favourites and for only a few minutes work, you can’t beat that! Ditch the expensive and processed bars, slices and snacks and instead enjoy a far more delicious slice that will keep your energy firing […]

Why I’m writing a book and what it’s about

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Or to be completely accurate, why I am writing an eBook and what it’s about… For some years now wherever I take a packed lunch (read: everywhere), people gaze on in wonderment at its’ contents and proceed to enquire as to what my meal consists of. Their real surprise however comes following my response, whereby […]

Trail Mix| Nadia Felsch

Trial some Trail Mix

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Snack-time seems to be where so many people fall down when it comes to clean and nutritious eating. All good intentions of consuming whole foods on a regular basis, go out the window as boredom may set in OR you are ill-prepared for the moment. So with those 2 factors taken into consideration and the […]

Appetite guilt

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This interesting topic came up in discussions with a lovely client of mine recently and once delved into; I realised how insidious it could be. As this lovely lady is currently looking to lose excess weight and regulate the balance in her body, the matter of her appetite has been in the spotlight throughout our conversations. The concept […]

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