5 lessons you can learn from the way I eat

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Eating food. Something that most of us do several times a day. For energy, for nutrition, for growth, for health, for pleasure. The reasons are varied and mostly, separated. Because the reality is that for most of the population, eating for health is not the same as eating for pleasure. One can not be the other right? […]

Baked Felafel | Nadia Felsch

Baked Felafels

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I’ve been known to have a penchant for these delicious bites for some time, however our recent sojourn to Bali reignited all of that love. In the past, I’ve made and eaten varying versions of this traditional Middle Eastern street food all over the world – the mighty felafel. Each and every time I find […]

Avocado on Toast | Nadia Felsch

Smashed Avocado

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I feel fairly qualified to talk all things cafe breakfast. There’s not many cafe brekkies that I haven’t sampled over the years and I must admit, sometimes there’s nothing better than someone bringing your breakfast to you (and cleaning up afterwards!) However, this is a) not always possible and b) sometimes you’re not offered the […]

Guide to Buying Good Food | Nadia Felsch

Buying Good Food: Part Two

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My food philosophy and the way I live my life; vital and bounding with energy; is all about wholefoods. No diet labels, no deprivation and certainly no hard and fast rules. I love everything I eat and I eat a lot of variety, a variety of fresh wholefoods. 90% of what I eat is made […]

Guide to Buying Good Food | Nadia Felsch

Buying Good Food: Part One

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Each week Tippy and I buy the food that we use to nourish ourselves. We arrive with list on hand (or on the phone) and we shop efficiently and enjoyably for the food we love to eat. It doesn’t cause stress, it doesn’t take hours and we don’t spend 50% of our income either. This is […]

Almond & Banana boats | Nadia Felsch

Almond & Banana Boats

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Over the Easter long weekend, earlier this month, I spent 30 hours studying. Yes you read that right. It was an intense and amazing time for me, one where I was fully immersed in the knowledge that I have and am taking on board. From the biological foundations of how our incredible bodies function and […]

Chicken San Choy Bow | Nadia Felsch

Easy Chicken San Choi Bao

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I’ve never been a fan of long shopping lists for a recipe and I think this is why I eat so many salads! When I create a recipe with more than a handful of ingredients, there’s one strict caveat… It must be capable of turning into other dishes & leftovers. Let’s get real here, if […]

Raw Lemon Cheesecake Bites | Nadia Felsch

Lemon Cheesecake Bites

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Snacks that can sit in the fridge ready and waiting for you all week, ready in under 10 minutes? Better still when they’re made from only a handful of ingredients and taste like dessert? Sounding like heaven? I thought so. Lucky for you the recipe for these Raw Lemon Cheesecake Bites is here! Add this recipe […]

Healthy Veggie Nachos | Nadia Felsch

25-minute nachos

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Nachos is one of those dishes that screams indulgence. So I guess the next question is how do you define indulgence? Indulgence need not negatively impact your body and health; this is something I know a thing or two about… Why is it then that this is exactly what we think? Real food. Minimally processed. Delicious. […]

Simple, Vegan Cacao Mousse

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The first time I attempted to create a vegan and raw chocolate mousse was an epic failure. Actually to the point of spitting it out, apologies for the crass-ness there…. though seriously it was that bad. Fast forward to a bazillion times made later and I can share with you the secret to perfect vegan cacao […]

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