Coconut, Mango, Lime & Passionfruit Tapioca Pudding | Nadia Felsch

Coconut, Mango, Lime & Passionfruit Tapioca Pudding

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Until recently, I’d never made any kind of pudding. Don’t worry though, I’ve eaten plenty of them though had never felt the pull to make them myself. And then I visualised this recipe. It ticked all the boxes – easy, made from real food and sweetened by luscious tropical fruit because, why not? First up […]

Mango Salsa & Haloumi | Nadia Felsch

Mango Salsa & Haloumi

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This recipe is truly Australian Summer on a plate. It pulls from all of my favourite influences and combines many of my favourite foods. And when I posted it to Instagram, you guys went wild (which was awesome by the way!) You’ve got to love a fresh recipe that takes no time at all to […]

The 10 Things You Need In Your Fridge Right Now

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This is the list, whether you’re just adjusting to eating better or feeling in need of some healthy, easy inspiration. A well stocked fridge is the foundation of making healthy eating a simple and enjoyable part of your lifestyle. It’s the way to avoid making less-than-ideal decisions. The way to feel that “you’ve got this” and enjoy […]

Broccoli Rice with Marinated Chicken | Nadia Felsch

Broccoli Rice with Marinated Chicken

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I remember a time when I thought that broccoli was a waste. Who could possibly enjoy it I wondered? Even up to a few years ago, I’d sift through a stir-fry dish ordered at a restaurant making sure to miss any and all broccoli floret offenders. And then I realised what was going on. Being […]

Green Detox Soup | Nadia Felsch

Green Detox Soup

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Part of the picture to support natural detox in the body is reducing the number of burdens that you consciously consume. This could include reducing how much alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and recreational drugs you consume. It can also include reducing, or learning to better manage the stress in your life. And considering your daily exposure to […]

Mango Chia Pudding | Nadia Felsch

Mango Chia Pudding

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I have a love/hate relationship with the uber trendy chia pudding. And I’ve found that it’s a two-fold situation. One – the texture. Two – being hungry 10 minutes later. Enter this recipe which addresses both of those matters for me – and hopefully you too! Made with just the right chia-to-liquid ratio and including one […]

Papaya Muesli Bowls | Nadia Felsch

Papaya Muesli Bowls

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I love the idea of food that looks as good as it tastes. Especially when it’s also loaded with happy, healthy nutrients for a fab start to the day. This recipe is a firm favourite in our house that ensures we’re hitting our daily fruit intake in one meal! And after discovering that most Aussies struggle […]

Coconut Chai Slice | Nadia Felsch

Raw Coconut Chai Slice

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Chai is one of those remarkably notable fragrances, an intoxicating smell that you can instantly recognise. And that’s precisely the presence that I wanted to retain when creating this recipe. Honouring the chai spices (with some rad, special inclusions in there too!), balancing the rich flavours and creating something tasty, healthy and simple! My general […]

Fresh Rolls with Peanut & Ginger Dipping Sauce | Nadia Felsch

Fresh Rolls with Peanut & Ginger Sauce

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The first time I mastered the art of rice paper rolls, I of course shared the technique and recipe. That same foundation is also what spurred on countless recreations since that time in 2014 and here we are with my absolute favourite recipe yet! Fresh rolls tick so many boxes for me when it comes […]


5 lessons you can learn from the way I eat

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Eating food. Something that most of us do several times a day. For energy, for nutrition, for growth, for health, for pleasure. The reasons are varied and mostly, separated. Because the reality is that for most of the population, eating for health is not the same as eating for pleasure. One can not be the other right? […]

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