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How you can work with me.

  • To make life as convenient, tasty and healthy as possible, you want to check out my line of Healthy Baking Mixes. Wholefood Society Baking Mixes are organic, made from 100% real food and cater to a variety of lifestyles. Find them in-stores or online here.


  • For meal planning, exclusive recipes, videos, practical guides and tools for you to run with, becoming a member of the Wholefood Society Online will making healthy eating a cinch in your life. The Society takes the pressure off in your busy life and enables you to feel and look your best with everything in one easy-to-use place.


  • If 1:1 direct access and incredible support from me to transform your diet and life for the better is what you’re seeking, a Nutrition consultation is what you’re after. My clinic specialises in taking the science of human nutrition and helping you to apply it practically. Which means guiding you through the maze of dietary confusion, connecting you with your own body, informing you about the power you have and empowering you to make the best decisions for your own health.⁣⁣⁣



If you’re a brand or company looking for the complete and delicious package – recipe development, food styling and photography (or anything else) – either email me for a media kit and more information or get in touch below, I’d love to hear about your project!

My fabulous audience are always hungry for more.


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