Meet Me in Sydney!

I've been pedalling my message (love that imagery) since February 2013.

What started as a hobby evolved into a business, and although lots has changed in those 3 years - the love hasn't.

There's not a lot that I haven't done in the name of health and wellbeing. Some of it great, some of it toxic and all of it an enormous learning curve.

This self-interest fast became about so much more than simply my own experiences and once I realised that the tools and resources I'd developed for myself could inspire and assist others, there was no stopping me!

You could even say that my love is greater now than ever before. Studying a Health Science degree at university amongst all else says a lot to that end right....?

So when my friends over at Cocobella asked if I'd like to be a speaker at their Cocobella Presents event in Sydney next month, it felt like the stars had aligned.

Talking all things health and wellbeing, the immensely valuable lessons that I've learnt along the way + a recipe demonstration is what I'll be presenting at the exclusive Sydney event on March 2nd.

Cocobella Presents

Walking away with practical ideas to simply integrate is what you can expect. Think: inspiration and fun!

I'll be joined on the night by Maz Valcorza, vegan/yogi-superstar from Sadhana Kitchen - in fact the event will be held at her latest Bondi Beach venue. Sadhana Kitchen is Sydney's first organic wholefoods and raw food cafe, raw wagon wheels need I say more???

Cocobella Presents

Each guest will receive a gift bag of goodies from Maz and I,  some awesome suppliers and of course Cocobella coconut water. But wait, it gets better! This event is totally FREE and is Cocobella’s way of saying ‘you can do it’ - oh how I love that!

I'd absolutely love to meet some blog readers at this seriously fabulous event though be quick because tickets won't last long.

And because I love you guys so much I have a VIP pass to giveaway!

Cocobella Presents

This event has now passed though if you're keen to know about my upcoming workshops and events, sign up to the tribe below and hear about them first!

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