Nadia Felsch

Real food. In less time. Without the b/s.

Allow me to say hello and introduce myself, I’m Nadia Felsch. Nutritionist-to-be, wholefoods expert and magazine columnist. Through this website and my valuable physical and digital products, I guide busy women like you to what I term eating freedom.

Because I have a knack of making real food for the real world.
Making it simple and accessible to all levels and healthy journeys.

I’m devoted (ok, some would say obsessed) with this philosophy of eating freedom and sharing the simple ways that you can make awesome changes in your world. I love sharing my recipes, ideas and practical tips to ensure you live in a world of delicious food that isn’t served with a side of stress, where there is no continual diet or fad to follow and where you’re not depriving yourself.

No diets, no expensive shopping lists, no hours of cooking and complicated recipes.

My website and the work that I create centres around beautiful, real food. There’s pretty pictures of food sure, though don’t let that fool you! It’s about keeping the food we eat healthy, simple and real. You’ll benefit from my decade of experience and knowledge in nutrition for the real world. And now also my studies in Nutritional Science. Consider my website a supportive destination for you to find exciting and realistic ideas about the incredible possibilities there are for your health; the underpinning of your best life.

What can you expect from me?

You can expect substance over all else. No fads, trends and diets. So if that’s your thing – I will disappoint you.

You can expect a real person who’s been through years of disordered eating and less than ideal choices.

You can expect authenticity every step of the way.

I’m all about practical wellbeing for the real world. Prioritising the basis of a wonderful life; your health; but also making it work within your busy schedule.

It’s not about constantly getting on the scales, spending a fortune on food or searching mountains for rare berries. My simple, wholesome recipes, approach to food and wellbeing in general is not about diets, trends and comparing yourself to other women or unrealistic goals, it’s simply about a better you, the best you.

Eating well isn’t complicated, shouldn’t be overwhelming and need not involve extreme measures. I want to help you experience how simple and delicious it can be.

Human nutrition is a complex and still vastly misunderstood world.
But enjoying simple, glorious real food isn’t.
It’s what we’re both set up for, and respond best to.
Making food with our own hands and enjoying the nourishment that brings us.

As well as real food, in less time and without the b/s, you can expect one key underpinning philosophy from me.

And that is, “to teach a man to fish.” Offering you support, motivation and practical tools that you can take away and embed into your own life – how they best work for you.



So why wholefoods?

I haven’t always eaten well and I haven’t always looked after myself. In fact it wasn’t so long ago that I had no idea how to even boil an egg!

I’ve starved myself, counted every morsel of food for years at a time, exercised my ass off (literally!), hated and tortured myself over and over in a mess of “health” trials and errors.

That almost decade long journey, although painful, was priceless.

It made me blissfully aware of how out of touch I was with my own instincts. The same ones that we each have and are all too easily overlooked .

At 20 I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and what started as a simple aim to remove processed foods and assist my less-than-ideal health soon became a devotion to learning all that I could. No wonder then that I’m halfway through a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine) at Australia’s leading Natural Health Care University. Even the ‘healthy’ foods that I, and so many of us ate were from a packet, can or jar – made by someone else, in a factory and worst of all, with all kinds of non-food ingredients.

Processed food eating is a loop that’s hard to ‘get off’ when it continues at every meal. It also means we have no idea what our bodies are actually asking for and how simple this can all be.

This way of eating that’s completely ‘normal’ in our world hasn’t been around that long but it’s certainly done its damage. Heavily processed and refined foods make up to 70% of the contents of any given supermarket in a developed country, but they’re not what we’re set up to thrive on.

And we know it.

Though we also have limited knowledge, time and interest in doing anything about it. Point blank – it all seems too hard.

And so that’s where I come in. Because I’ve been there. Little by little, I figured it out – the hard way. With no support and next to no skills. What to eat, how to make it and fit it all into a busy lifestyle.

Best of all, I learnt what my unique needs are. Ending the diets, deprivation and dysfunctional approach to my health and the way I eat.

So when I was diagnosed with Bowel Disease, an autoimmune condition at 24, I had more tools in my belt to handle it. And handle it I have – with real food and true wellbeing.

{For more on my food philosophy head here}.

Sometimes I laugh at the fact that I develop recipes and teach people skills in the kitchen. Because confidence around creating simple, delicious + nutritious food wasn’t always within my skill set. And if I can do it – so can you!

Getting back to basics, taking things one small and delicious step at a time, nourishing yourself and overall – finding your own unique version of eating freedom. That’s what I want for you. That’s what I’m all about.

It’s not always easy…

Once upon a time, I felt unsupported, overwhelmed, disappointed and uninspired about the food I ate and my own health and wellbeing.

With so much out there, so-called ‘miracles’ and what at times can seem like unsurmountable odds to overcome, eating well without stress and deprivation can seem impossible for busy women like you and I.

The truth is that it’s completely possible.

I’m well and truly hooked to this wholesome way of life.

Taking care of myself makes everything in my life easier and more enjoyable. And I passionately believe that the food we eat is both medicine and nourishment. It doesn’t feel like a chore, it’s simply another enjoyable aspect of a happy and healthy life.

Embedded into each of my blog posts and infused in all of my recipes is me. Inspiring busy women to try things out for themselves and to learn to nourish themselves, not just for one day – though each and everyday. You’ll find simple recipes that take no time (or skill!) at all, and will suit all lifestyles and preferences.

If you want to hear from other humans who’ve worked with me, you’ll find that here.


 How you can work with me

No matter where you’re currently at on your food and health journey, there’s 3 ways that I can support you.


  1. To make life as convenient, tasty and healthy as possible, you want to check out my line of Healthy Baking Mixes. Wholefood Society Baking Mixes are organic, made from 100% real food and cater to a variety of lifestyles. Find them in-stores or online here.

  3. For meal planning, exclusive recipes, videos, practical guides and tools for you to run with, becoming a member of the Wholefood Society Online will making healthy eating a cinch in your life. The Society takes the pressure off in your busy life and enables you to feel and look your best with everything in one easy-to-use place.

  5. If direct access and incredible support from me to transform your diet and life for the better is what you’re seeking, my signature 8-week online program, Path to Wholefoods could be just what you need. With its invaluable content such as meal plans, recipes, videos, guides + a supportive community of like-minded women and life-changing weekly audio lessons this program is about ending the dieting merry-go-round and poor food choices for good. Find out about our next live round here.


Right now though, and to make sure you receive free and exclusive subscriber-only content each week + delicious recipes delivered straight to your inbox – join my tribe above or below. Straight away you’ll receive a special gift from me, an awesome resource that I created just for you – my 7 Day Wholefoods meal plan + recipe eBook.

I’m so excited and grateful that you’re here.

Look around, enjoy and if you’re seeking something else I’d love to hear from you.