My own commitment to reduce harm in HAES® spaces

HAES® exists and benefits humans in all bodies because of anti-fatness and stigma against fat bodies. And yet it is the most marginalised bodies who've explicitly shared how HAES® spaces and 'leaders' have harmed them.

I am a white, thin, able-bodied, cisgender woman who implements the HAES® principles into my⁣ weight-inclusive nutrition practice that financially supports me. I know I’ve contributed to the harm of folks in the HAES® space by my sheer existence and lack of lived experience as a fat human. My identities mean it's likely to occur again.⁣

These are my commitments to reducing that harm:

  • Continuing to notice and examine my own biases and privileges
  • Continue to acknowledge my limited lived experience in the spaces I work within and bring in paid labour to fill those critical gaps in my experience
  • Redirect my association membership and professional development investment away from fellow multi-privileged humans and associations led by the same. Specifically this has already looked like:
    • Cancelled my paid membership to HAES® Australia
    • Am a full-paying member of The Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH)
    • Cancelled my paid monthly subscription to a white, academic woman
    • Am a paying subscriber of a Patreon run by a black/disabled/fat liberationist writer-educator woman
    • Will continue to seek out paid supervision from humans with lived experience and intersecting identities
  • Be more critical of whom I'm learning from, sharing and collaborating with to reduce power hoarding and the status quo of more harm
    • Including who I refer clients to and which resources I recommend - centreing lived experience authors, creators and professionals
  • Remain committed to being called in for harm that I cause
  • Continuing to notice and examine my own defensiveness when called in
  • Commitment to growth


I care about all bodies. I believe weight-neutral care is the way forward for all bodies to be treated with dignity and respect. And I share these commitments of mine to be held accountable to them.

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