You know the way you’re feeding yourself isn’t working anymore. You’re not making food choices that feel good in your body, food feels very all-or-nothing and moving past that feels so overwhelming.

Maybe you want to begin exploring what it means to nourish your body and prioritise nutrition but the thought of starting another diet or plan makes your head spin. If so, welcome, you’re in the right place.


  • You’re wanting food choices to feel less like mental gymnastics
  • You want your body to feel nourished from the food you eat
  • You’re ready to leave the all-or-nothing food mentality behind
  • You’re seeking coaching support to integrate non-diet nutrition foundations that don’t feel diet-y
  • You crave an intimate group of like-minded individuals to offer you support and community throughout this process
  • You can commit to weekly calls November 11-December 2


Enrol now and say hello to eating well with more ease!

**We’re already at 50% capacity


  • 4 x weekly 75min live calls
  • Expert-led practical, non-diet nutrition modules
  • Opportunity for Q&A
  • Weekly goals providing structure and support
  • Group Messenger support 
  • Small group community 
  • Ongoing access to materials

There’s a million and one ways in which we’re apparently meant to feed ourselves well. Some more harmful than others and most not reflective of you and your life.

Ways that stress us out, cost us a fortune in ingredients and plans, demonise certain foods and leave us feeling more all-or-nothing around food.

So if you’re asking, what’s good for me to eat? How do I feed myself well and feel nourished from food? How can I move more away from all or nothing thinking with food? How do I integrate non-diet nutrition foundations into daily food choices without it feeling like another diet?

You can nourish yourself with more ease and less stress. Let me show you how…


MODULE 1 - Finding the Middle Ground With Eating

In this module you’ll explore and begin defining what you want your eating pattern to look like away from diet-culture’s harmful norms and ideals. You’ll learn the critical skills to discern which nutrition information is valuable to you and which is diet culture. You’ll begin applying these non-diet nutrition foundations to your daily eating and walk away with a plan to immediately implement the essentials and feel nourished from the food you’re eating. 

MODULE 2 - Tuning In To Eating

From this module you’ll learn how to expand on non-diet nutrition foundations in conjunction with your individual and contextual considerations (time, budget, culture, ethics, cooking interest, preferences, food availability). You’ll learn my signature eat, notice + refine framework providing you the structure to immediately explore nourished eating that’s focused on you.

MODULE 3 - Paying Attention To Your Clever Body

In this module you’ll have the opportunity to share your lived experiences with eat, notice + refine in order to receive expert guidance and further refine. This supports your own skills in knowing how to valuably assess your food choices and prepares you for your final module where you’ll be learning how to build nourishing meals and snacks.

MODULE 4 - Practice, Practice, Practice

In this final module you’ll be putting everything you’ve learnt into practice by building out customised meal and snack ideas as a supportive, flexible self-care framework. You’ll walk away with an individualised database of meal and snack ideas that you’ve learnt; through eat, notice + refine; work for you, today and tomorrow as well as the skills to replicate the practice moving ahead in your life.


  • The critical skills to discern which nutrition information is valuable to you and which is diet culture
  • The confidence to enjoy a variety of foods that don’t feel like a diet or all-or-nothing
  • Confidence to approach all eating choices and know how to make a decision that feels nourishing in your body
  • A personalised approach to food choices that support your life and not the other way around
  • A personalised framework of meals and snacks that support your nutrition needs and the realities of your busy life 


Enrol now and say hello to eating well with more ease!

**We’re already at 50% capacity


I’m your guide – Nadia Felsch.
A university qualified Nutritionist (BHSc), Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor and pawrent to 2 x sausage dogs named Toast and Avocado.
I support folks who aren’t happy with their relationship to food and body, find liberation AKA what works for them and how to do more of it. I’m your guide to this process of re-connecting with and trusting your innate body wisdom whilst confidently applying non-diet nutrition fundamentals. 

You can eat well with more ease and less stress. Let me show you how…


Who is Nourish for?

Nourish is for folks who know how they’re feeding themselves isn’t working, who desire coaching and who might not be ready for high-level support. Who want to integrate non-diet nutrition foundations into their daily food choices and dietary pattern to experience their benefit.

When does the course start and end?

November 11th – December 2nd 2022

When are the live calls?

The live group coaching calls are Fridays 12pm ADST (Sydney) on:

November 11th
November 18th
November 25th
December 2nd

US time conversions:

November 10th 5pm PST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST
November 17th 5pm PST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST
November 24th 5pm PST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST
December 1st 5pm PST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST 

All live group calls are held via Zoom, recorded and sent to you afterwards with the option to submit a question beforehand should you not be able to attend live.

What's the cost of the course?


WILD value that I’m proud and intentional about offering you. I’m confident you’ll walk away from Nourish with more confidence to eat well in all kinds of cirumstances and with less mental gymnastics! 

Will this work for me?

Whilst I don’t guarantee results (🚩), I can guarantee with full confidence that the tools and strategies I am teaching inside Nourish will ensure you walk away with confidence to feed yourself well in all kinds of circumstances. 

One of the biggest obstacles for folks doing intuitive eating work is fear. And with *initially* limited body trust and non-diet nutrition knowledge, it’s like hitting a heap of roadblocks with nowhere to go. This is also why a lot of self-study courses have limited results.

This unique course puts you and your experience front and centre with my expertise and support to overcome the inevitable obstacles you will face in the process.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. A 2-instalment payment plan is available. Contact me to set this up –

Is there a meal plan?


You deserve to live your life with true balance and flexibility. Which is one reason why this course doesn’t include telling you what to eat.

The other reason is that rules and plans about food are an external tool that serves to disconnect you from your body. Just think, how often has a portion or meal on a plan not served you? What happens on the weekend? On holidays?

You’re the expert of you and this course is about centring you, your life circumstance and applying non-diet nutrition fundamentals to support you.

Still want to lose weight?

This desire is so understandable in our thin-obsessed society where thin bodies are represented as the goal. The door to health, wellbeing, morality, acceptance, love, belonging.

You have full body autonomy when it comes to the desire for intentional weight loss. If however, you are done with the trauma of dieting and body loathing, there is another way. You can learn about, and come to accept (in time) that we do not have ultimate control over our weight and the the cost of trying to manipulate and control our weight is very, very high. Restriction is miserable.

You can also learn to trust that your body will find its happy place with no micromanaging required. This is healthier and happier for our bodies and our quality of life. And this is what allows you to experience body respect, appreciation and neutrality that leads to more comfort and confidence.

Zero of this is contingent on body size. Your body does not need to be something holding you back even if the outside world treats your body differently, that is if you live in a marginalised body. 

What if I have a medical condition?

This course may not be suitable for you. Individual 1:1 consultations may be more suitable for you whilst also seeking specialised care for the management and treatment of your condition. If that sounds like you, information on working with me directly can be found here.

If you would like to go ahead with the course + receive individual support, you can contact me to add a 1:1 nutrition coaching intensive session to individualise further (at a special course rate).

I can’t provide individual advice as to whether or not this program is right for you and you are best to ask your healthcare provider.

How much access to Nadia is there?

The weekly calls provide you a dedicated opportunity to share, connect and ask questions.

The group messenger support provides you additional community, accountability and guidance outside of our calls. I’ll be active and providing messenger support to you on Tuesdays – Thursdays 10am-11am ADST.

What if I'm an introvert?

Me too! I can struggle in groups. And yet, time and time again, it’s the group coaching calls that prove pivotal to the success of clients. 

It’s where you’ll feel incredibly heard and supported by women who feel the exact same way that you do. This is especially vital to your nourish journey when friends, family, colleagues (and everyone!) is often very entrenched in diet culture and you may feel alone in doing anything else.

Like this past student shared about attending live group calls….

“At first I felt very overwhelmed at the thought of being on a group call with as you said ‘a group of strangers’, but I have absolutely loved it and have felt very supported and have looked forwards to the calls each fortnight! I have never told any of my friends or family EVER about my struggles, so to feel comfortable enough to share what I have with the group is a true testament to how you run the sessions and invite openness in a completely non-judgemental way.”

Why are places limited?

For two specific reasons. Firstly, I am one human being who has a limited capacity in how many other humans I can support, well, at any one time. 

And secondly, group dynamics are key to positive outcomes for all students. And keeping the groups small and well suited means all students benefit from my support and a close-knit community.

Can I do this as a health professional?

Absolutely! This course has been designed to implement non-diet nutrition fundamentals contextually to you which impacts us as health professionals too. It’s through working first on your own challenges, that you can better support your own clients. 

You may also be eligible to claim the course as CPD hours (confirm with your registering body first).

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