Starting My Year With a Plus

How many times do us modern-day humans set resolutions when a new year rolls around? Now it seems that there's as many posts, articles and stories about resolutions as there are about breaking them!

As I've shared since arriving home from Bali where we spent 2 weeks over NYE unplugged and off the grid, it became glaringly obvious what the end of 2016 did to me. Or rather, what I did to myself. Anxiety and panic as bad as it had been in years and flare ups of my autoimmune condition resulting in low energy, no appetite, poor sleep, acne and one seriously angry digestive system. Even my very regular 28-day cycle was off by a whole week.

All the result of, if I'm being honest, totally insane deadlines, taking far too much on and arrogantly thinking that I could simply do it all with no consequence. A few weeks later, the above physical and emotional experiences have calmed down and I'm feeling more myself.

However, this wasn't without a concerted effort. It's what made me not just think about, though commit to starting my year - 2017 - with a plus. By slowing down.



When Bupa Australia asked me how I planned on starting 2017 with a plus it felt like perfect timing, or at least a very welcome smack in the face...

Fitting things in has never been my problem, and as a Type-A personality, taking on too much it seems is embedded within my DNA. The consequences of which become more and more obvious each time things don't go to plan, especially as I get older.

Truth be told, I can get away with more than most. It's my disposition and it absolutely runs in my family. Though even if the health ramifications (of which there's clearly plenty!) weren't a factor, what about the fact that I work hard everyday to create a life that inspires and makes me proud - only to miss it? To not spend quality time with those I love the most, or to rush through experiences and on to the next thing. What's the point?

So what will slowing down practically look like? Because that's the key to anything isn't it? It's all good and well to say something but then what? Especially on those kinds of days when life seems to be running away without you...

For me it will mean:

  • Carving out time for play and actually scheduling it in

Already I've spent an entire Saturday hiking Sydney's north coastline and swimming in hidden beaches along the way and visited a much anticipated museum exhibit. I've also booked in sea kayaking around Sydney Harbour, a 90's dance party (yes!) and have a few days 'glamping' down on the south coast planned too.

  • Booking in time with loved ones

This means committing to making it work for not just my schedule though my loved ones too and we all know how satisfying it is to catch up with loved ones and not leave it so long in between catch ups!

  • More walking/less transport

Because I love it, because it means I take notice of the world around me and the experience never fails to fill me with energy and gratitude.

  • Nourishing in all ways

This is an area that I often need expert help with and I'm OK with that. Monthly remedial massages, quality food, good books, pedicures and even check up visits to my dentist! Nourishing inside and outside to enable slowing down to be a reality in my busy life.

  • Less endless scrolling

Social media rocks in so many ways, until you're absent-mindedly scrolling and seeking something? Who knows what that is though it rarely feels great so I'm looking to minimise the information overload and default social media 'on-ness' in my life.

Nadia Felsch | Yoga Beach

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Your version of starting the year with a plus may sound like mine, or perhaps completely different. That's not the point. There is no right or wrong way and whatever your start looks like, I would love to hear it!

Share with me in the comments below this post how you plan on starting your year with a plus!

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