Nadia Felsch Nutrition Clinic

It’s my firm belief that we deserve to feel fantastic from the food that we eat. And on all levels. Joy, energy, pleasure, satisfaction and whatever else. Unfortunately though, food has become a nightmare.

What to eat? When to eat it? Will it make me fat? Is it bad for me?

At Nadia Felsch Nutrition, I have one clear goal: to empower you to take the best care of yourself, your way.

My philosophy embraces the goal of developing body positivity and reconnecting with your own internal wisdom about eating. Intuitive Eating Counselling principles guide my work and underpin each consultation. I am a proud Intuitive Eating Professional, weight-neutral and health at every size (HAES) encompassing Nutritionist.

My clinic specialises in taking the science of human nutrition and helping you to apply it practically. Which means guiding you through the maze of dietary confusion, connecting you with your own body, informing you about the power you have and empowering you to make the best decisions for your own health.

It is not my belief that nutrition replaces other fields of health and rather, I’m an advocate of working with other qualified professionals to bring about your best possible health. That could include a general practitioner, medical specialist, physiotherapist, exercise scientist or psychologist to name a few.

Every consultation is unique and focused on practical guidance and individual goals that work for you, in your life.

Are you looking to put an end to starting every Monday on another diet? Saying farewell to feeling trapped, overwhelmed and confused by what to eat and just want to feel great in your own body?

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, I’m taking on new clients from January 2020. Reach out to me here.



  • Guidance to connect with your own innate body wisdom under the Intuitive Eating principles.
  • Comprehensive understanding of your health, mindset and current lifestyle, what came before and what can be done to take you where you want to be
  • Client-focused education and guidance that’s practical and works for your individual goals and lifestyle
  • Practical and valuable knowledge that you really need including how to make your own choices work for you in a busy lifestyle
  • Unbiased support
  • Progressive change implementation which allows for best possible outcomes after each consultation
  • Deep knowledge of the connection between what we think about ourselves, the food we eat and how we feel (on all levels!)
  • Online (worldwide except USA & Canada) Nutrition consultations with the utmost level of professionalism, privacy and care
  • A sense of humour and appreciation for life
  • Non-judgemental and HAES approach to health and nutrition


  • A diet
  • Meal plans
  • One way to do anything
  • Black and white responses
  • Pseudoscience


Nadia Felsch Nutrition Clinic