Food and Body Freedom #34 Fat Isn’t The Problem We Think, Stigma Is


We almost completely accept that fatness is a problem. And yet is it truly? How do we know or not? And what does that mean about fat folks in society and especially in healthcare. What are we not considering? In this episode, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Miami University, Jeffrey Hunger PhD and I, explore all of this and more.

This episode explores:

  • Health and weight links and what’s lost in translation as these links go to popular media
  • The parallels between sexual orientation and weight being presented as under one’s control to "fix"
  • Why the health outcomes of fat people shouldn't be surprising
  • The framework of weight research to begin with
  • The power of language, lived experience and asking different questions - and how as professionals especially once we know better, we do better
  • The impact of healthism in this space and conversation
  • Top-down and bottom-up approaches to shift away from stigmatising healthcare + the obstacles that are there

Resources mentioned:

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