Did you know that I'm a speaker?

There's nothing worse than a boring speaker. No matter how 'established' they are! As a speaker, I pride myself on bringing zest, humour, likability, value and an innate ability to read the audience.

Over the years I've hosted media events for brands, sat on discussion panels and hosted my own events too. There's nothing like in-person words, ideas and (sometimes!) demonstrations, to inspire action!

I'm a proud diet culture disruptor and I'd love to talk about presenting to your workplace, school, university or anywhere on these ideas:

  • what we have other than diets and weight loss when it comes to nutrition
  • why weight isn't our worth
  • how Intuitive Eating is our default setting
  • promoting a positive relationship to food and your body
  • discovering food through another lens - satisfaction, pleasure, joy, fullness

Get in touch with me via email - hello@nadiafelsch.com with your vision and budget.

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