Scrambled eggs-cellence

There are not many items on Earth as amazing as eggs.

Anyone that knows me will attest to my love (obsession) with them and how often and many I consume. In fact perusing my Instagram account will give you a pretty good idea..... Any food that has all the attributes mentioned below AND can be prepared ahead of time and in no time at all is up there in my book!!


The Facts

Eggs are a complete protein food source. The protein is among the highest-quality of any food source. Additionally; found in just 1 single egg are 13 essential vitamins and minerals in varying amounts, unsaturated fats and antioxidants and (dependant on size) only 70 calories.

Even organic, free-to-roam/free-range eggs are affordable and easily accessible a product without having your own hens.

In short - they are seriously good for you. 


This recipe was made using the scrumptious eggs supplied from Rock Chic Eggs - a local and sustainable farm in Sydney.

"Yes, our hens run wild and are seriously free range. We are dedicated to sustainable farming and take animal welfare very seriously, therefore our hens are 100% Free Range!!! No innuendo's!"


Scrambled eggs-cellence
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
yield: 1
  • 2 organic/free-to-roam/free-range eggs
  • Your preferred-choice of fresh herbs (I mix basil and parsley)
  • Good quality cracked black pepper and rock or sea salt
  1. Pour the mixture into a medium-high non-stick frypan (no oil/butter required)
  2. Very quickly the mixture will "scramble" and will need attention
  3. Move the mixture around in the pan and look to limit how much of it sticks to the base
  4. Serve and enjoy immediately
When cooking with herbs, tearing them up roughly works well for taste, scent and time.
As eggs are so versatile you may choose to have this meal with a quality toasted grain bread, a side of veggies, fruit and/or another protein source, for instance cheese.
I usually enjoy this recipe with my version of a salsa - vine ripened tomatoes, red onion, avocado, salt, pepper & lemon juice.

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