Food and Body Freedom #60 ADHD & Eating with Annie Crowe


Are you chasing dopamine with food? Forgetting to eat? What about the impact of medication? Is it really all this binary or is there more to consider and apply a critical lens to when it comes to ADHD and eating?

This episode explores:

  • So-called ADHD hacking
  • How she came to learn of her own ADHD diagnosis
  • How Annie approaches ADHD and neurodiversity for herself and in her work supporting others (hint hint not as a flaw or something to fix/cure
  • How a diagnosis led to her understanding so much of herself and her experience as well as some of the concerns around this process itself
  • The difference between interventions and accessibility when it comes to ADHD and neurodiversity 
  • How deficits are societal and not inherent to the ADHD experience 
  • The crossover of eating disorders and neurodivergency
  • Is it bingeing or is it not enough food because of the impact and non-accomodation of interoception concerns, time blindness, hyperfocus, bingeing and sensory needs that can be part of the ADHD experience?
  • The critical intersection of ADHD and neurodivergency with diet culture, healthism, ableism and anti-fatness and how health professionals can uphold all of this when someone seeks diagnosis and support
  • A more critical unpacking of the dopamine chasing concept with ADHD
  • ADHD medications and their impact on eating
  • What Annie wants you to hear if you’re someone struggling with ADHD and eating
  • The intersecting and overlapping concepts with disability justice, social justice and dismantling oppression

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