Food and Body Freedom #45 Diabetes Without Disordered Eating with Erin Phillips


There's so many harmful narratives around diabetes. Your weight and your diet cause it right? And you can reverse it? What about pre-diabetes? Counting carbs? In this episode, Registered Dietitian and diabetes specialist Erin Phillips and I, explore this including:

This episode explores:

  • The harmful and incorrect narrative especially around type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes
  • Is diabetes type 2 really reversible?
  • We talk about diabetes management and taking care as disordered eating recommendations
  • How that relates to chronic stress and adverse metabolic impact
  • Do you have to count carbs?
  • Pre-diabetes - is it a thing? What does it mean?
  • If your needs aren't being met with your current care - then what?

Resources mentioned:

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